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IAEI Magazine | Author: Mark Campbell
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Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell, SET is the Fire Protection Supervisor for Raytheon Polar Services, He has been involved with training, installation, plan review, and third party consulting on fire alarm codes and standards for over 22 years. He has worked in both the private and public sector including 11 years with the West Metro Fire Rescue.


Electrical Inspector’s Notes to Fire Alarm System

The National Electrical Code1 (NEC) and the National Fire Alarm Code2 (NFPA 72) have an interwoven relationship that is paramount to the proper operation of fire alarm systems. In the same way, the electrical inspector and the fire alarm inspector have common goals. This article will develop and build on the last issue’s article, "The Electrical Inspector and Fire Alarm Systems.”

The Electrical Inspector and Fire Alarm Systems

Sitting around the morning coffee table waiting for shift change, a group of us discussed the previous night’s calls and the recurring false alarms became the main topic. My captain made a statement that has stuck with me ever since: "Fire codes have been written with the blood of peoples lives!” These ten simple words hold a truism I hope becomes a part of our daily thought processes.