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IAEI Magazine | Author: Andre Cartal
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Andre Cartal

Andre "Andy" Cartal has been a member of the IAEI since 1967, serving as secretary of the Skyland Division, South Jersey Chapter, chairman of the New Jersey Chapter, Eastern Section president and international president. He represented the IAEI on CMP-12, is a member of Underwriters Laboratories Electrical Council, and is a life member of the NFPA. Retired after 50 years of service from the Middle Department Inspection Agency, Andy is a past recipient of the President's Medal of Honor and the Inspector of the Year Award from the State of New Jersey.


"Hazardous Locations” Not Confined to Article 500 Installations

If you have been an inspector for any length of time, you already know that "hazardous locations” often exist in other than Article 500 installations. The following four photographs demonstrate this situation.

A closer look back—50 years ago

Of all the NECs that I have had to enforce since the 1947 edition, the one that really still sticks in my mind is the 1959 NEC. It introduced the present-day receptacle spacing for dwellings that we all take for granted. The 1953 NEC said that every 20 feet of wall space had to have a receptacle; the 1956 NEC said that every 12 feet of wall space had to have a receptacle, but those did not specify its location on the wall space.

Budget, Attitudes, and Solutions

We have all been subject to or victims of the budget process; and there is very little we can do about it since in many municipalities, building inspections are often regarded as a nuisance to be tolerated because the inspections can generate funds in excess of their budget to provide a "profit” to the municipal...

New Jersey Building Inspectors – Partners in NEC Enforcement

Section 250.52(A)(3) requires that if the footing construction includes 20 feet of rebar not less than ½ inch in diameter, the rebar must be included in the grounding electrode system. Electrical inspection of the rebar presents several problems.