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IAEI Magazine | Author: Dave Conover
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Dave Conover

David Conover is the chief executive officer for the National Evaluation Service, Inc. (NES). He holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in mechanical engineering from the Catholic University of America and has been involved with standards and model code development and implementation as well as technology development and deployment for over 25 years. He is a past member of the International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code Committees. Prior to joining NES, he held positions with Battelle, the National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, and the American Gas Association.


Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage has been in use for centuries, as evidenced by dams and the use of the stored water to drive mechanical devices associated with grain milling. Energy storage provides the ability to balance the energy capabilities and resultant outputs of variable energy sources with the needed energy inputs of differing and variable loads.

Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Codes and Standards for Stationary Fuel Cell Power Plants

This article is one of a three-part series of articles that is intended to inform those involved with electrical installations and inspections about fuel cell technology. One article provides general information on fuel cell technology. Another article focuses on specific details associated with interconnection of a stationary fuel cell power plant to the electric grid.