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IAEI Magazine | Author: Robert Cormier
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Robert Cormier

Robert J. Cormier, B. Comm., is director public safety/fire marshal, Province of Nova Scotia.


Risk Management, Measuring Benefit, and Costs of Safety

There is a constant movement towards decreasing the cost of doing business both in the private as well as the public sector. This is not a new phenomenon but a mainstay of operating a business effectively and efficiently. There are costs for inspection programs that are a reality to an industry: permits, time delays, notification process and the inability to use new but safe technology. On the government side there is a balancing act between expenditures and income. Income equals taxes and no North American government wants to increase taxation, including user fees. We are in a period of reduced red tape and increased access to employment. The demand for decreased costs has no sacred cows and now includes all regulatory management systems. The reality is, your inspection program will be reviewed for right sizing or elimination.