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IAEI Magazine | Author: Franco D'Alessandro
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Franco D'Alessandro

Franco D'Alessandro has more than a decade of experience the field of lightning protection and grounding, where he worked as a senior research scientist and R&D product engineer, both in Australia and the United States. He recently became the managing director & principal consultant for PhysElec Solutions Pty Ltd, an Australian consultancy services company that delivers global solutions in electrical engineering and applied physics, with specialisation in lightning, surge & transient protection, earthing & grounding, high voltage engineering and power electronics.


Experimental Evaluation of the Corrosion Performance of Copper-Bonded and Galvanized Grounding Electrodes

A variety of different electrodes is used for providing effective and safe electrical grounding. The ability of these electrodes to resist corrosion determines their useful service life. Copper-bonded steel and galvanized steel electrodes have been used for decades yet there is still much debate regarding the relative corrosion performance of each type of coating for applications in varying soil types and conditions. This article presents the experimental method and results from a series of laboratory corrosion tests that were carried out under controlled conditions on a range of electrode samples with both coating types in order to simulate their corrosion in soil according to an international standard.