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IAEI Magazine | Author: Paul R. Davis
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Paul R. Davis

Paul R. Davis is an "old sign guy" who has been in the sign business for over 35 years. He has worked in small sign shops for several major sign manufacturers, and was also in the component product end of the sign business for a few years. Davis has been a consultant for almost 20 years. He works for sign companies, sign users, sign component manufacturers, and has served as an expert advisor to lawyers and insurance companies on over 75 neon and sign-related fires in the last 10 years.


Electrode Receptacles and Enclosures

There are other factors that complicate the situation. Some components are UL Recognized Components while others are UL Listed. UL recognized components are suitable for use only in an overall listed end use product. These recognized components are not suitable for use as field-installed units. Other products may carry a CSA Certification which may differ in some cases from a UL Listing. CSA and UL are both standards writing bodies. Verify the components that are allowable in your jurisdiction to be sure they are suitable for the intended use and acceptable to the AHJ. The rules here are not clearly black and white. There are some gray areas that require investigation.