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IAEI Magazine | Author: Andrew DeIonno
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Andrew DeIonno

Andrew (Drew) DeIonno is a Senior Project Engineer for MET Laboratories in Raleigh, North Carolina. As an electrical engineer, he has 10 years experience in product safety evaluation and certifications with two different NRTLs (ITS and MET Laboratories). He is currently active in IAEI and NFPA 79 standards writing committee as an interested party.


Not All Connections are Created Equal – A Focus on Crimping

Everyone who designs, builds or services electrical equipment is familiar with a crimp style connector. It is a basic component that is used to either connect or terminate wires. But, as often is the case in engineering, the items that seem simple oftentimes are not, and components that engineers, designers or electricians view as requiring no thought oftentimes cause trouble. This trouble can appear in the design phase, regulatory phase, production phase or during the product life.