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IAEI Magazine | Author: Len Frier
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Len Frier

Len Frier is a registered professional electrical engineer in the state of Maryland. He founded MET Laboratories in 1959. He initiated the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory Program at OSHA in 1988, and is charter member of the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA). He is former chairman of the ANSI Z34 committee on "Third Party Certification," chairman of the American Council on Electrical Safety (ACES), member of the ANSI Accreditation Committee, and the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL). Presently, he is director at MET Laboratories, Inc. and is active in government affairs relating to US Certifications of electrical products.


Utility Deregulation, What Does it Mean to Inspectors?

Deregulation of electric utilities is sweeping the country and is now available almost everywhere. The theory is that competition in the purchase of electric power would result in cheaper electricity and make utilities more responsive to consumers. This may be good in some areas and bad in others but it does put certain new elements of an electrical system under the authority of the local jurisdiction.

Guidelines to Evaluating Unlisted Products

The American Council for Electrical Safety (ACES) is a collaboration that was formed by a variety of regulators responsible for ensuring the safety of electrical products sold in the United States. The council is sponsored by the American Council of Independent Laboratories (ACIL). Members of ACES include chief electrical inspectors, accredited laboratories, government agencies involved with regulation of electrical products, devices or installations, and representatives from organizations involved in regulation, such as IAEI.

What Electrical Inspectors Don’t See

"Beauty is only skin deep,” could not be truer than with electrical equipment. Under that pretty cover or inside that box could be a dangerous condition waiting to explode. Even after the cover is opened a potential problem may not be easily revealed. That first view may reveal the existence of some problems; however, only after a detailed investigation and some sophisticated tests could any reasonable determination be made that there is no danger.