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IAEI Magazine | Author: Tom Garvey
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Tom Garvey

Tom Garvey inspects for the state of Wisconsin. He represents the International Association of Electrical Inspectors on Code Making Panel-11 for the National Electrical Code. He is the IAEI representative on NFPA 79, The Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. The global companies that make up Wisconsin's industrial base gives Tom frequent opportunities to view a variety of attempts in harmonizing the electrical wiring of industrial machinery to the NEC market.


Update on NFPA 79, 2002

NFPA 79, the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery 2002 edition, is scheduled to be published in October 2002. During this past cycle, NFPA 79 has undergone a major overhaul in an effort to harmonize requirements with those of IEC 60204. This, as you can imagine, was a major undertaking and resulted in a heavy workload. The work pioneered by the NFPA 79 technical committee has provided a benchmark for future harmonization efforts. This article will discuss the harmonization process that took place and resulting changes to the NFPA 79 standard. In addition, significant changes that occurred during the 2002 cycle will be discussed individually.

NFPA 79 – Electrical Standard for Industrial Equipment

Should our electrical standard for industrial machinery keep current with what the rest of the world is doing? If you build machines for the global marketplace, you’d answer "do it or die.” A harmonized NFPA 79 paves the way for you to build a machine that your company can sell from Boston to Bombay. If you buy machines for your factories around the world, you’re answering, "Of course!” One standard for machine wiring makes it easy for you to write one purchasing specification. However, if you’re involved with electrical safety, the answer should be: "It depends on what the rest of the world is doing.”