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IAEI Magazine | Author: Chuck Goetz
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Chuck Goetz

Chuck Goetz is the primary designated engineer for industrial control systems and machinery, which includes responsibility for factory automation equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, robots and robotic machinery, enclosures, industrial control panels and motor control centers. He is currently the principal representative for UL on CMP-11 and NFPA 79 and has worked at Underwriters Laboratories Northbrook, Ill., office for 22 years.


Certification of Factory Automation Equipment

A new factory is being constructed or an old factory is being updated in your jurisdiction. The owners of the facility have invested millions of dollars on industrial machinery that was manufactured in Europe and the Far East. None of the equipment is listed by a recognized qualified electrical testing laboratory. The AHJ has the difficult job of making sure the installation is NEC compliant and needs to advise the owner that in order to determine whether the equipment complies with safety requirements they need listed equipment or have the equipment field evaluated. Are there requirements for these types of machines that address all the safety concerns with this equipment? Yes, there are. UL’s Factory Automation Equipment program can be used to certify this equipment.