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IAEI Magazine | Author: E.P. Hamilton
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E.P. Hamilton

Dr. E. P. Hamilton III, P.E., is president of E. P. Hamilton & Associates, Inc., an Austin TX Architectural, Engineering and Technical Services firm. Among his other duties and areas of specialization, Dr. Hamilton has worked for over 15 years in the design and analysis of aquatic electrical facilities, is a co-developer of bonding, grounding and stray current test procedures, protocols and related test equipment for pools and spas.


Natural and Artificially Made Bodies of Water – Dealing with the New Article 682

The development of effective standards and guidelines for the design and construction of safe electrical facilities in water-related recreation, landscaping and commercial areas is an evolving discipline that is gaining in importance as these types of facilities become more popular. While the general class of facilities addressed here has existed for many years, there has been no specific guidance and regulation until development of NEC-2005. This discussion addresses the new requirements for such facilities.