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IAEI Magazine | Author: Bruce A. Hopkins
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Bruce A. Hopkins

Bruce A. Hopkins is the vice president of standards and education for the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) in Reston, Virginia. He has worked in the area of RV standards for 34 years, 28 of these with RVIA. He is an active member and secretary of the NFPA Technical Committee on Recreational Vehicles, served as secretariat to the ANSI Accredited Standards Committee A119 for Recreational Vehicles from 1987 until 2004, serves as secretariat for several other ANSI standards related to RVs and is a member of CMP-19 of the National Electrical Code. He is responsible for overseeing the operations of the RVIA Standards Steering Committee and its six internal Technical Subcommittees, the RV Service Training Council, the Industry Education Committee and its Technical Subcommittee, and the Conversion Vehicle Committee.


Summer Camping Electrical Safety

As the season of sun comes upon us, many folks will be planning their summer vacations. To enjoy the freedom of adventure and flexibility, camping is the perfect family getaway. Whether one is using a folding camping trailer, a full-sized motor home or any of the many other models of recreational vehicles (RV), fun is the key motivator. However, as with anything, safety is a primary concern and needs to be investigated to ensure that fun is the memory of the summer.