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IAEI Magazine | Author: Ron Janikowski
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Ron Janikowski

Ron L. Janikowski is chief electrical inspector for the city of Wausau, Wisconsin. He carries the state of Wisconsin certifications for master electrician, uniform dwelling code (UDC) electrical inspection, commercial electrical inspection and is a state-certified electrical designer. He is the current chairman of the State of Wisconsin Electrical Code Council. A 25-year member of IAEI, past chairman of the Wisconsin Chapter, third recipient of the Edward C. Lawry Award, and is in his second code cycle as a principal member of CMP-12.


The Evolution of Communications Circuits & the NEC

In the beginning Samuel Morse, in 1844, started the digital data communications industry with a 37-mile stretch of wire sending what became known as Morse code from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore.

Electrical Design Considerations for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities now demand a new set of standards for the electrical designer. Colleges, technical schools and even new high schools now require a complex system of networking throughout the classrooms, offices, libraries and administration offices. Higher educational facilities offer classes over the internet or through teleconferencing with outreach campuses.

Electrified Truck Parking Space Equipment

Each code cycle, members of the code-making panels have the opportunity to review countless code proposals. Every now and then, a proposal to develop a new article is received.