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IAEI Magazine | Author: Nicholas Ludlam
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Nicholas Ludlam

Nick Ludlam is a technical team manager with the Hazardous Location Group of FM Approvals, a U.S. nationally recognized test laboratory. Nick has been with FM Approvals since 1996 and is involved in the examination and testing of intrinsically safe and nonincendive electrical equipment for use in hazardous (classified) locations. Before joining FM Approvals, he spent 13 years with Sira in the United Kingdom. Sira is a European Notified Body for the certification of electrical equipment for use in hazardous locations and was the laboratory manager for this business area. He was also a member of the advisory group for hazardous location certification also known as the Heads of Test Laboratories or HoTL. Nick currently serves on various Instrumentation, Systems and Automation society standard committees, is the Chair of ISA SP12.02 for intrinsic safety and ISA SP12.12 for Division 2 / Zone 2 electrical equipment. He is a member of IEC MT19 for Type of protection - and sits on the NFPA's panel 14 for the Hazardous (Classified) Location section of the National Electrical Code.


Nonincendive Equipment for Use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations

What is nonincendive equipment? Section 500.7(F) of the National Electrical Code explains that it is a protection technique for equipment installed in Class I, Division 2, hazardous (classified) locations. With the advent of more stringent environmental regulations, intentional release of flammable materials is greatly restricted and, with the resulting changes in containment techniques, many areas that previously were classified as Division 1 (continuously flammable) have been reclassified as Division 2 (infrequently within the flammable range).