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IAEI Magazine | Author: Darren Margerison
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Darren Margerison

Darren Margerison is director of Resus Elec Solutions. He may be reached at or phone +61 488 036 211.


Electrical Installations After the Fire

Australia is a country that has a variety of terrains from the tropical regions of the north to the mountains in the south. In February 2009, Victoria experienced one of the natural disasters that result from bushfires that become out of control. All of Victoria had reached the 40°C (104°F) temperatures in many areas by 11 a. m., along with hot northerly winds that would create havoc upon Victorians for many weeks to come.

Extreme Weather and Time Pressures Undermine Safety

Over the past months we have had the pleasure of enduring another winter, and in the electrical industry this can always pose many challenges. Often workers are required to work in some of the worst conditions of extreme rain and wind and, unfortunately, they always find many time pressures on them to restore power...

Lift Installations

Energy Safe Victoria has identified segments of the industry for additional attention following audits of lift installations and discussions with companies and workers.

Energy Efficiencies

Governments all over are actively looking at the issues of saving energy and reducing carbon omissions. Australia is not ignoring these calls and currently government, industry and the general public are seeking to also contribute to the savings in a variety of methods.

Product Certification and Electrical Safety

When undertaking any electrical installation work, it is imperative to ensure that the electrical equipment that is being installed and connected within the installation is of a type that is safe and will function in the manner required by the user. Many electrical contractors and licensed electrical inspectors are being confronted by product that is questionable and may have been installed in a manner which is not in the manner intended by the manufacturer.

Proposed New Standard Covering Downlights (Recessed Luminaires)

In an effort to ensure that information is being provided to others within the electrical industry globally, I would like let you see some of the activities that Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) has undertaken for the electrical industry in the past few months, along with our normal operational activity.