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IAEI Magazine | Author: Ken McLennan
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Ken McLennan

Ken McLennan is compliance monitoring and training consultant in Alberta, with over 40 years in the electrical industry. He was formerly the chief electrical inspector for Alberta and administrator of the province’s Electrical Technical Council, as well as executive secretary of the Canadian Advisory Council on Electrical Safety. Ken has served as vice chair of the Part I CSA Canadian Electrical Code Committee and has been a member of the CE Code Part II Steering Committee. Ken has also participated in many CE Code Part I and Part II subcommittees and task forces, including the task force that spearheaded the change from divisions to zones for Class I Hazardous Locations.


Zone Verses Divisions

Section 18 of the CSA Canadian Electrical Code (CE Code) covers the installation of equipment and wiring in locations considered hazardous because of the presence of ignitable or explosive materials. Such locations are divided into three classes: Class I, which contains explosive gas or vapours; Class II, which contains combustible dust; and Class III, which contains combustible fibres