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IAEI Magazine | Author: Tim McNeive
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Tim McNeive

Timothy P. McNeive is manager, Global Product Standards with Thomas & Betts Corporation, Memphis, Tennessee and chairman of the NEMA Conduit Fittings Section.


Conduit Bodies and Their Use in Accordance With the NEC

One of the most versatile components of an electrical raceway system is the conduit body. The National Electrical Code defines a conduit body as "A separate portion of a conduit or tubing system that provides access through a removable cover(s) to the interior of the system at a junction of two or more sections of the system or at a terminal point of the system. Boxes such as FS and FD or larger cast or sheet metal boxes are not classified as conduit bodies.” This definition, however, doesn’t fully describe all of the uses permitted for a conduit body in the NEC, as a conduit or cable fitting, a splice box, a device box, a junction box and a pull box.