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IAEI Magazine | Author: Tom Moses
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Tom Moses

Tom Moses retired from Reedy Creek Improvement District (Walt Disney World) as vice president of administration in 2002. He became director of building and safety for the Reedy Creek Improvement District in May 1969 and developed the Epcot Building Code and other standards key to the debut of the Magic Kingdom in 1971. He went onto become district administrator when General Joe Potter retired in January 1973, and vice president of administration in June 1982. He is a longtime advocate of public safety and as such, has served in several voluntary positions, including as a trustee of the Fire Protection Research Foundation, on NFPA's board of directors, and the UL board of trustees and governing board. He was chair of the first Florida Board of Building Code and Standards for three years and a member for seventeen years. In addition, he was president of the Southern Building Code Congress International, president of Council of American Building Officials ,and a member and chair of the National Institute of Building Sciences


Change…We Deal With It Not Because It’s Easy, But Because It’s Hard

Many years ago, rookie baseball umpire Durwood Merrill found himself behind the plate for a game when legendary fastball pitcher Nolan Ryan was on the mound. The second pitch of the game was so fast that Merrill never saw it. He froze, unable to make the call. Finally, he yelled, "Strike!” The batter then backed out of the box, looked over at Merrill and said, "Ump, don’t feel bad, I didn’t see the ball either!”