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IAEI Magazine | Author: Barry O’Connell
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Barry O’Connell

Barry O’Connell, P.Eng, is with Pentair Thermal Management.


Mineral-Insulated Cable Is Re-Classified with 2-Hour Fire-Resistive Rating

In September 2012, both UL and ULC withdrew certification for Electrical Circuit Protective Systems (FHIT and FHITC) that employed fire resistive cables. This included UL Classified Fire Resistive Cable (FHJR), UL Listed cable with "-CI” suffix (Circuit Integrity), and ULC Listed Fire Resistant Cable (FHJRC). Certification was retained for systems that used protective materials like intumescent wraps, tapes, composite mats, etc.

Achieving Fire Protection of Electrical Life Safety Circuits

Wonderful though electricity was in its early days as a miraculous source of light and power, installations did seem to have a habit of catching fire rather too often. In 1896, a young Swiss professor, François Borel, who was researching ways of improving cables, filed a patent for an all-mineral-insulated fire-resistant cable.