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IAEI Magazine | Author: Tim Owens
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Tim Owens

Timothy Owens was the senior building inspector for the city of Santa Clara, California, and was previously the senior electrical inspector for the city of San Diego. He is a principal member of NEC CMP-20 and CMP-18 representing the IAEI. He is also a member of the NFPA's Task Group on Emergency and Standby Power Systems for Homeland Security. Tim was an IAEI board of directors member representing the Southwestern Section. His other volunteer positions include education program chair for the California Electrical Inspectors, member of Underwriters Electrical Council, and member of the Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, and Energy Advisory Committee for the State of California Building Standards Commission. He was a NEC instructor at the San Diego National Joint Apprenticeship Committee School in San Diego for 13 years and is currently an instructor for the IAEI..


Watts Being Saved in California?

What Is the Big Deal about Saving Watts? Why worry about the amount of electrical energy consumed by businesses and residences daily? There are many answers to this question. Global warming is an issue that is experiencing a higher level of awareness than ever before.

Critical Operations Power Systems

In September 2001, New York was horrified by the destruction of the World Trade Center due to terrorist activities. In July 2005, New Orleans was heavily damaged by flooding from broken dikes resulting from Hurricane Katrina. In October 2006, Hawaii was rocked by numerous earthquakes. In November 2006, the Pacific Northwest was inundated by flooding from massive rains. In November 2006, North Carolina was damaged by tornadoes. All of these disasters had one thing in common—Expectations!