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IAEI Magazine | Author: James Phillips
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James Phillips

Jim Phillips, P.E. founder of and, is an internationally known educator on electrical power systems and author of the book Complete Guide to Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Studies. He conducts training programs around the world and is a member of the IEEE 1584 Arc Flash Working Group. You can reach Jim at:


A Tidal Wave of Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation Studies

What started as a slow drip a decade ago has turned into something more like a tidal wave. I’m not talking about a leaky faucet or a failing dam; I am referring to arc-flash hazard calculation studies. Years ago, only a few mostly larger companies performed these complex studies. Then little by little, the "drip” of studies turned into a steady stream and today, the arc-flash hazard calculation study (AFHCS) has become an integral part of many electrical safety programs.