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IAEI Magazine | Author: Jim Pierce
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Jim Pierce

Jim Pierce has a BSEE, MBA, and is a registered PE. He began his career with UL in 1976 working with medical, lighting and computer equipment. He joined ETL in 1990 and continued working with high tech equipment, and lighting. He is currently ETL-SEMKO's chief electrical engineer and is a member of NFPA serving on NEC Panel No. 18 and on NFPA 79 TC. He has been an IAEI inspector member since 1991.


Thermal Protection in Recessed Luminaires

Although not much thought is ever given to the little thermal protector that exists in today’s recessed lighting, it plays a big role and the process for getting it there is involved. The thermal protector is a small, silent little device that plays a big part in preventing fires. Self-heating thermal protectors more commonly called SHTP, are devices used in recessed lighting luminaires that sense overheating of the luminaire.