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IAEI Magazine | Author: Gaylen Rogers
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Gaylen Rogers

Gaylen Rogers, 2005 International President


2005 International President: Gaylen Rogers

Gaylen D. Rogers started out his electrical career while attending West High School (WHS) in Salt Lake City, Utah. WHS offered an electricity class as part of its curriculum and this course started Gaylen on his path to becoming international president.

1+1 = Independent Grounding for Patient Areas of Health Care Facilities

The purpose of the grounding portions of Article 517 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) is to reduce low voltage potential differences between electrically conductive surfaces that may be reached by a patient or care provider in the patient vicinity. Two independent means of grounding are required for the patient care areas and are connected in parallel. This limits the voltage and, thus, the electrical currents that the patient is exposed to and will reduce or eliminate the electrical shock hazard.