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IAEI Magazine | Author: Marcus Sampson
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Marcus Sampson

Marcus "Sam” Sampson is a graduate of the IBEW electrical apprenticeship program, is a licensed master electrician, certified building official and IAEI-certified master electrical inspector. He is the electrical code representative for the Construction Codes & Licensing Division of the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry and is the secretary/treasurer of the Minnesota Chapter IAEI. Sam also serves on the UL Electrical Council and has proudly represented IAEI on CMP-15 since 2002.


Electrical Inspections for Carnivals, Fairs and Traveling Shows

The carnival or traveling show will only be in town for the duration of the local festival or county fair before it’s torn down, packed up and moved to the next location. While the "jump” is something the carnie crew and roustabouts do each week, this may be the only inspection of a transient enterprise you are called on to do the entire year. Making sure your neighbors, friends and family are not exposed to electrical hazards means having an understanding of the National Electrical Code rules for transient electrical distribution systems.