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IAEI Magazine | Author: James D. Shafer
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James D. Shafer

Jim Shafer, who holds the accredited marine surveyor (AMS) designation from the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, as well as American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, marine electrical technician, and corrosion certificates, has an extensive background in the practical aspects of electrical problems in the marine environment. Applying his industrial and yacht electrical installation and repair experience to specific marina problems has allowed him to separate and identify recommendations for marina operations personnel to improve shore power safety and efficiency. Current efforts include the development of the Marina Guard®, a device for alerting the marina to ac ground faults in the dock wiring or on a yacht, and determining what effect these faults may have on underwater metals, as well as the potential to harm someone who falls into the water. Promoting an understanding of the importance of the dock ground system is currently his key area of interest.


Electric Shock Drowning

Abstract Yachts moored in a marina and connected to shore power present a unique electrical safety hazard which may be as lethal as the proverbial "hair dryer in-the-bathtub.” This review will explore the implications of this and what we have learned from investigating many in-the-water electrical accidents, a number of which have involved fatalities.