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IAEI Magazine | Author: David Shapiro
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David Shapiro

David Shapiro has been a licensed electrical contractor and consultant in the Washington, DC area for a bit over thirty years. He’s also IAEI-certified as an inspector (both general and 1-2 family) and plan reviewer. Maryland and Washington, D.C. have authorized him to perform third-party inspections, focusing on residential work. As a member of IAEI, you probably know him best as secretary of the George Washington Chapter—that is, unless you read his long-running Residential Wiring column in Electrical Contractor. At the same time as he’s worked with his tools, he’s written and edited articles, columns and books. He is proudest of Old Electrical Wiring and Your Old Wiring, and of his selection by Creighton Schwan to co-author Behind the Code.


Dangerous Ignorance

With the pressure of a depressed economy, knowledgeable contractors are seeing more and more work going to electricians who are working outside their areas of expertise. If you have found a good answer to this problem, we need to hear it.

Book Review: A Pictorial History of Radio and Electricity

Once in a long while, I see a book that will appeal to many of us, even though it won’t help us wire or inspect. The latest is John D. Jenkins’s Where Discovery Sparks Imagination, A pictorial history of radio and electricity. It offers both stunning photos and intriguing tidbits of fact.

Arthur W. Hesse

Until the mid-1980s, Maryland and DC people had to travel to Baltimore to find regular meetings. We were welcomed by the Chesapeake Chapter, but the trip deterred some. Art Hesse removed this obstacle by resurrecting the George Washington Chapter.


It can happen. Research shows that what you say when urging responsible behavior can backfire—easily. None of the research was specifically about electrical safety, but there’s every reason to believe it applies. Fortunately, if you have the intelligence it takes to earn a license, what you need to keep in mind to avoid this risk is not going to be over your head.