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IAEI Magazine | Author: Marcus Thielen
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Marcus Thielen

Marcus Thielen, physicist, works as neon sign inspector and technical consultant in his own laboratory in Duisburg, Germany. Besides finishing his studies in physics, experimental material science and electrical engineering in 1997, he first published about neon sign physics in scientific journals in 1996. He is writing the neon technical columns in various sign magazines around the world (i.e. "Signs of the Times") and is an official member of the european neon safety standard panel at CENELEC, Bruxelles. IAEI member since 1999..


Line Incompatibility: The Other Side of EMC

When speaking of electromagnetic compatibility problems, the usual first thought goes in the direction of radio and television interference. But in the big field of electromagnetic compatibility, problems can also occur between different parts of an electrical distribution network. This article will report on a very unusual resonance phenomenon and a simple, practical solution. The reader might be advised that this case occurred in Europe, where other electrical codes apply, but this situation may also happen anytime in all installations with power factor correction capacitors within the U.S., even when all articles of the NEC have been properly observed.