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IAEI Magazine | Author: Thomas Trainor
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Thomas Trainor

Thomas E. Trainor, 1998 IAEI international president, is the manager of Inspection Services for the city of San Diego and has 35 years of service with the city. Tom represents IAEI as a principal member on CMP-18 and is a member of NFPA and the UL Electrical Council..


New Products Don’t Grow on Trees

Have you run into a new electrical product on the job site lately? Have you seen something new and wondered where it came from? Have you noted that it was listed but didn’t know how it was intended to be installed or used? Have you had to call for help or delay an inspection until you got more information? Obviously, those situations are tough on your image as the "all-wise, all-knowing” electrical inspector. But new products are a reality in the marketplace and we need to be able to deal effectively with them when they arrive.