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May-June 1999
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May-June 1999 CoverMay/June 1999


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Grounding & Power Quality: The Best of Both Worlds

by Michael Johnston

Many businesses are concerned these days with the cost of electrical energy supplying power to their facility, but an increasing number of them are getting real concerned about the quality of the power being utilized at their facility. So what is the problem with the quality of power being delivered to a facility? Many businesses are extremely nervous about loss of data or data errors that can result from this "dirty power” or "electrical noise” on the system. Does this sound familiar? So what do they do? Read more


What you don’t know about electricity could hurt you and your family…

by Michael Callanan

More than likely, however, in our industry, what we do know about electricity will cause more damage. Although armed with knowledge, we tend to forget the precautions and get caught up in the excitement of electricity. Read more


Hazardous Swimming Pools Retrofitting for Safety

by George Anchales

Improper maintenance, the aging process of time, and corrosion plus the lack of a ground-fault circuit-interrupter (GFCI), a device that prevents electrocution, has made underwater swimming pool light fixtures installed prior to the enforcement of the 1975 National Electrical Code (NEC®) a potential source for electrocution. Read more





Valuable Contribution by Associate Members

by Philip Cox

Known as the "keystone of the electrical industry,” the IAEI is a unique organization in which all members of the electrical industry can come together and participate as a group and deal with issues that affect both the industry and the general public. The success of the IAEI is due in part to inspector members going the extra mile and giving much of their own time to better the organization. They have worked hard to provide valuable education and to promote the adoption and enforcement of good electrical safety rules. Read more

Canadian Code

Does the Electrical Code Always Make Sense?

by Leslie Stoch

Usually we can assume that the rules of the Canadian Electrical Code are based on some basic principles, which don’t vary a whole lot — to minimize the possibilities of electrical fire and shocks. But are the rules ever in direct conflict with each other or their principles? Read more

UL Question Corner

How does UL assess water-damaged electrical equipment?

by Underwriters Laboratories

How does UL assess water-damaged electrical equipment? Read more

Does a UL Listed electric sign require further inspection in the field?

by Underwriters Laboratories

Does a UL Listed electric sign require further inspection in the field? Read more

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