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September-October 1999
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September-October 1999 CoverSeptember/October 1999


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Ground-fault Protection of Equipment and Ground-fault Circuit Interrupters

by Michael Johnston

Injuries, death, property loss, and downtime for facilities are all situations that can result when the required ground-fault protection for equipment or ground-fault circuit interrupters are not installed as required by the NEC. Read more

Traits of a Good Electrical Inspector

by Philip Cox

A combination of traits and associated technical training and experience should help produce an individual highly qualified in the profession of electrical inspection. Being truly professional as an electrical inspector in both conduct and performance not only brings greater respect to the industry but makes it easier for other members of the electrical community to do their jobs. Read more



Preparing for the 2002 National Electrical Code Cycle

by Philip Cox

It’s Code proposal time again! The closing date to submit proposed Code changes for the 2002National Electrical Code® cycle is drawing near and many people are talking of changes they want to see made. November 5, 1999, at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, is the deadline for proposals to be received by the National Fire Protection Association. More than 4,200 proposals were submitted for the 1999 Code. Read more

The Other Code

How Low is That Wire?

by David Young

Electrical inspectors involved with aerial high voltage facilities frequently have to determine whether electrical conductors are in compliance with the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC). Read more

Canadian Code

Underground Conductor Ampacities Rule 4-004(1)(d) and (2)(d)

by Leslie Stoch

The 1998 Canadian Electrical Code has made some more changes in the rules for underground conductor ampacities. Rule 4-004 contains the requirements for maximum ampacities for single and multiple copper and aluminum 90°C conductors, direct buried and for duct banks underground, in Appendix D, Tables D8A to D16B and Appendix B, Configurations ketches B4-1 to B4-4. Read more

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