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November-December 1999
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November-December 1999 CoverNovember/December 1999


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The Inspector’s Voice Needs to Be Heard

by Philip Cox

Electrical inspectors are a vital part of the electrical safety system. It is unlikely that one could adequately define the value of the service electrical inspectors provide to the public in preventing electric shock and damage to or loss of property through the enforcement of electrical safety regulations. Read more

Canadian Code

Is Everything in the Electrical Code?

by Leslie Stoch

Most of the time, we tend to rely exclusively on the Canadian Electrical Code for information, and for the minimum requirements on building a safe electrical installation. But is the information contained between its covers enough for our purposes – or do we need to look further afield to find out more? Read more

The Other Code

How Hot is That Wire?

by David Young

The conductor temperature is a critical part of the design, construction, and checking clearances of aerial electric supply lines. Line Design In my article on "Overhead Line Design From Scratch – Part 1″ in the March/April 1998 issue of IAEI News, I discussed conductor choice based upon steady-state ampacity, transient ampacity, short-time ampacity, voltage drop.. Read more

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