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September-October 2006
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September-October 2006 CoverSeptember-October 2006


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New Form of MC Cable Crosses Application Boundaries

by Richard Temblador

The traditional distinction between MC and AC cable applications is changing because of a new interlocked armor ground Type MC cable. In the last few years, contractors have been using Type MC cable for branch circuits because of the installed-cost savings MC delivers. Now, a new form of Type MC —MCAP™ cable — promises to reduce installation time further. In addition, the new cable can also be utilized in applications formerly reserved for Type AC cable, increasing productivity. Read more

Perspectives on PV

* Penetrating PV Questions from Inspectors

by John Wiles

Based on this series of articles and presentations that I make to groups of inspectors around the country, I get several calls and e-mails a week and sometimes several calls a day from inspectors looking at PV plans or inspecting PV systems. The questions that they pose are always challenging because most of the inspectors have done their homework and found the Code lacking in clear concise answers. I usually gain new insights on the Code from these calls. Here are some of the more common questions and the best answers that I have. I encourage these calls so that everyone involved can help to ensure that the numerous PV systems being installed are as safe as possible. Read more

Analysis of Changes, NEC-2008, Part II

by Michael Johnston

In the July/August issue, we provided a glimpse of some of the more significant changes proposed and accepted for NEC-2008. This article is a continuation of that review. Once again, it is important to stress that this is a look at what was proposed and acted on by the code-making panels through the proposals stages of the NEC-2008 development process. These changes could be affected by public comments to the initial committee actions on these proposed revisions. The established deadline for public comments to the proposed changes is October 20, 2006 (5:00 p.m. est). Read more

A Hazard-Based Approach to Reduce the Risk of Shock

by Thomas P. Lanzisero

Hazard-based product safety standards are now under development, and this hazard-based approach is likely soon to affect other product/equipment safety standards as well as installation codes. What is this hazard-based approach? How could it impact safety standards for equipment and installations? Read more

ARE WE READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Special Events Inspections

by Bert McAlister

When the city of Detroit hosted the biggest sporting event of the year, Super Bowl XL, the Buildings & Safety Engineering Department (B&SED) played a vital role in its safe operation. Super Bowl XL was the catalyst for a major downtown revitalization and the grand finale of several major events for which our department had the responsibility for safety inspections. Within the last year, Detroit hosted the Major League Baseball All-Star Game at Comerica Park, the summer festival season, the 2006 North American International Auto Show at Cobo Center, and Motown Winter Blast II in conjunction with the Super Bowl. Read more

Specifying Adjustable Frequency Drives for Electromagnetic Compatibility in HVAC Applications

by Peter Walter

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the ability of electrical / electronic equipment to operate in its installation environment while neither causing nor experiencing electromagnetic interference (EMI). EMI is any interference with normal equipment operation caused by abnormal energy entering the equipment either by conduction though wiring connections or by radiated wave reception. Read more

New Tax Laws May Aid Your Investment Strategy

by Jesse Abercrombie

If you’re an investor, especially a business owner in the higher tax brackets, you’ll want to pay close attention to some of the provisions of a bill that President Bush signed into law on May 17. The new legislation extends the lower tax rates on capital gains and stock dividends, temporarily removes restrictions on transfers from traditional to Roth IRAs, and raises the exemption level on the alternative minimum tax (AMT). Clearly, the new laws can have a big impact on your investment strategies over the next few years. Read more

California Warms Up…to Cold Cathode

by Ryan Johnson

In September 2005, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) announced "the most ambitious energy and efficiency campaign in the history of the utility industry in the U.S.,” when introducing a three-year, $2 billion funding plan for energy efficiency programs. This campaign is designed to help energy customers utilize the large number of energy efficiency programs that are available in California. Read more



Three New Programs for Motivated Members

by James W. Carpenter

Summer is nearly over and the children are back in school. For most of us vacation times are now fond memories. It is back to work until the next opportunity for a relaxation period. Speaking of opportunity, IAEI has joined with Underwriters Laboratories to offer a way for our members to participate in a program that will teach our school children electrical safety. This opportunity gives you a way to give back to your community. Read more

Canadian Code

CEC 2006 – Neutral Grounding Devices, Rules 10-1100 to 10-1108

by Leslie Stoch

Rules 10-1100 to 10-1108 of the Canadian Electrical Code provide rules on installing neutral grounding devices (grounding resistors) used for the purpose of controlling the ground fault current or the voltage-to-ground of an alternating current electrical system. These rules have undergone some significant changes in the 2006 edition of the code. Read more

UL Question Corner

The 2006 UL White Book is much larger than the 2005, what has changed and how do I use the White Book in the field?

by Underwriters Laboratories

The 2006 UL White Book has under gone many changes and can be considered THE Companion Tool to the National Electrical Code, NEC. Besides a new name, 2006 Guide Information for Electrical Equipment, White Book and a new look, here are some of the highlights (see page 97). Read more

Other Code

The 2007 NESC – Part 4

by David Young

This article is a continuation of what I see as significant changes that are coming in the 2007 revision of the National Electrical Safety Code. Read more

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