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March-April 2008
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March-April 2008 CoverMarch-April 2008


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Oregon House Harvest

by James Imlah

Recently I was asked to help a fellow inspector with a project that UL had implemented to harvest some aged electrical components from a recently abandoned 1910 residence in Forest Grove, Oregon. I brought along two of my sons, ages 11 and 15 years, to help. Read more

Perspectives on PV

* Common PV Code Violations

by John Wiles

As we move into 2008, the PV industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. New module and inverter manufacturers are entering the industry, and the number of individuals and organizations installing PV systems is growing right along with the demand. Numerous small 2 kW residential and large megawatt commercial PV systems are being installed in many states, and all need to be inspected for code-compliance. With new people entering the industry every day, the common code violations we have seen in the past will continue. Here are some of the most prominent ones that have been repeatedly observed throughout the country. Read more

Equipment Grounding for Safety

by Michael Johnston

Electrical systems and equipment are grounded to achieve a greater level of safety from electrical hazards to persons and property. Article 250 of the NEC provides the minimum requirements for grounding and bonding electrical systems and equipment. NEC-2008 has incorporated revisions related to electrical grounding and bonding terminology that results in improved clarity and usability. Read more

Medium Voltage Inspection Basics

by Michael Weitzel

Medium voltage systems are defined by the IEEE as those operating at voltage levels greater than 1,000 volts and up to 72,000 volts. High voltage is defined by NEC 490.2 as any system operating at "more than 600 volts, nominal. Read more

Medium Voltage Systems and Products

by Chuck Mello

Based on the response to recent seminars, the topic of medium voltage equipment and installations is one of high interest. This article will provide a brief history of the evolution, as seen by the author, of the industry and give a high-level overview of a few key areas from the product standpoint and terminology. Read more

NEC-2011, Call for Proposals

by Chuck Mello

The NEC-2008 has been complete for only a few short months, six since the adoption by NFPA, and four since the very first printing. The CD version just came out and the handbook is due sometime in late January or early February. Read more

Enthusiastic Membership

by Tim McClintock

IAEI has always played a strong leadership role in the electrical industry and continues to accomplish this goal by playing an active role in the code development process, providing first-class educational opportunities through seminars and publications, and by providing a medium through which inspectors, contractors, manufacturers, and any other parties interested in the electrical industry... Read more



A Look at IAEI’s Successes

by James W. Carpenter

Work needed on the roof, work needed on the walls and floor where the roof leaked, AC units getting old and needing to be replaced. Carpet wearing out, stairs needing refinished, plumbing problems in the bathrooms, more space needed. These are just some of the things that IAEI faces in the not-too-distant future with the headquarters building. Our building was ten years old when we moved to Richardson in 1992. Even though we were the first tenant, the physical structure is getting old. Read more

Other Code

Building Inspectors and Electric Power Lines

by David Young

Was this done to encourage pole-ish jokes? Where was the building inspector? Where was the electrical inspector? I understand the contractor obtained a building permit and when the addition of the bar to the restaurant was complete, the owner received a certificate of occupancy. Read more

UL Question Corner

How do I know if a switchboard or panelboard is Listed for top or bottom feed or both?

by Underwriters Laboratories

Switchboards are Listed under the category Deadfront Switchboards (WEVZ), located on page 325 in the 2007 UL White Book. This information can also be located using UL’s Online Certification Directory at by entering "WEVZ” at the UL Category Code Search. Read more

UL Question Corner

How do I know if a meter socket was evaluated for a top or bottom feed or both?

by Underwriters Laboratories

UL Lists meter sockets under the product category Meter Sockets (PJYZ) located on page 233 in the 2007 UL White Book. This information can also be located using UL’s Online Certification Directory at by entering "PJYZ” at the UL Category Code Search. Read more

UL Question Corner

How can these computer carts in hospital rooms be Listed when they conflict with the XBYS Guide Information?

by Underwriters Laboratories

As indicated in the question, the Guide Information for Relocatable Power Taps (XBYS) located on page 343 of the 2007 UL White Book states that relocatable power taps are not intended for use in general or critical patient care areas of a hospital. Read more

UL Question Corner

I have seen these power strips that pop up out of a counter in a kitchen, are these power strips Listed for use in kitchen counters?

by Underwriters Laboratories

UL Lists power strips under the product category "Relocatable Power Taps (XBYS).” Guide Information for this product category can be found on UL’s Online Certification Directory at, and on page 343 in the 2007 UL White Book. Read more

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