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September-October 2009
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September-October 2009 CoverSeptember-October 2009


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Where a Successful Installation Begins and Ends: Understanding NEC rules about wire temperature ratings, terminations

by Jim Pauley

Most electrical inspectors are aware that confusion about wire temperature ratings and equipment termination temperature requirements will likely result in a rejected installation. Information about this topic can be found in the National Electrical Code (NEC), testing agency directories, product testing standards and manufacturers’ literature, but many electrical system installers and designers typically do not consult these resources until after their installation has been rejected. Read more

Perspectives on PV

* Connecting the Inverter

by John Wiles

Connecting the utility-interactive inverter properly is critical to the safe, long-term and reliable operation of the entire system. Proper grounding of the inverter will minimize the possibility of electrical shocks and damage from surge currents. Understanding and applying the requirements of NEC 690.47 to the inverter grounding connections is somewhat complex but ensures that the user will be safe and that the inverter and other equipment will suffer minimum damage under surge conditions. Read more

Connecting Premises Wiring to Supply Lines

by Neil F. LaBrake, Jr.

"What really does the code say about connecting premises wiring to supply lines? Where do I begin?” These are common questions when one is planning the electric supply to a new building or structure. You need to know where the utility wiring ends and where the premises wiring begins in order to start your design. Read more

Electrical Workmanship Standards (NEIS) — A Benchmark of Quality

by Michael Johnston

In 1996 the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) ventured into a major effort to develop electrical installation standards for the electrical contracting industry. The initial effort included the development of NECA 1 Standard for Good Workmanship in Electrical Contracting. This first NECA standard serves as the flagship standard and the foundation for this family of quality and performance standards. Read more

Part III: Transfer Equipment Applications and Considerations

by Chad Kennedy

Transfer equipment installations can be extremely complex, even for optional standby arrangements that are critical to business operation. This is the final installment in a series of articles examining transfer equipment used in optional standby systems for commercial applications. Read more

NEC-2008 State-by-State Adoption Process raises the Bar

by Thomas A. Domitrovich

The 2008 National Electrical Code (NEC) revision cycle and the adoption process throughout the United States is exceeding expectations and elevating the importance of electrical safety to new heights. This code cycle has moved beyond the simple adoption of the latest version of the NEC and has taken a step forward... Read more

Sprinklers and Electrical Equipment

by Ark Tsisserev

All electrical practitioners know too well that water and electricity do not mix. Results of such mixture are quite hazardous. This is the reason that the CE Code mandates GFCI protection of receptacles and permanently connected electrical equipment installed in proximity to water (i.e., pools, bathtubs, sinks, shower stalls, etc.). Read more

Analysis of Changes, NEC-2011 Part 1

by Keith Lofland

Can you recall a time when you arrived at a restaurant early and had to wait for your friend or spouse to arrive? Doesn’t that wait seem to take forever? How about waiting for that mechanic to finish up with the repairs to your vehicle? Read more

Own an Electrical Business? Put a Retirement Plan in Place

by Jesse Abercrombie

If you own a business in the electrical industry, you have a lot to think about — sales, expenses, marketing, cash flow, competition — the list goes on and on. However, by spending so much time on the issues of today, you may overlook the concerns of tomorrow. Read more

Steve Douglas awarded prestigious CSA Award of Merit

by Tim Pope

Leadership, determination and dedication—words that describe many IAEI members as they strive to enforce codes and protect the public. It is therefore fitting that these same words were cited in the presentation of the Canadian Standards Association Award of Merit to Stephen Douglas, C.E.I., on June 14, 2009. Read more



Note from the CEO/Executive Director — City of Dallas, Texas, cuts about 36% of building inspection staff

by James W. Carpenter

In the September/October editorial, I wrote that the Dallas Morning News had reported that the city of Dallas would not cut code enforcement departments in balancing the budget. It was my impression from that article that "building inspectors—electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and building—and fire inspectors were specifically singled out as those that would NOT be cut.” Unfortunately, this information was incorrect. Read more

Canadian Code

The 2009 Canadian Electrical Code – More Changes

by Leslie Stoch

My last article covered some amendments to the 2006 Canadian Electrical Code, applicable to the new 2009 version. There are more. This article looks at some further changes which may be of interest. Read more

Canadian Perspectives

Separation of wiring — facts and fiction

by Ark Tsisserev

Let’s say, a designer decided to utilize optical fiber cables for control of lighting circuits or to amalgamate wiring connecting the fire alarm field devices with wiring supplying the components of a security system. Is such integration of wiring allowed by the Canadian Electrical Code? Read more

UL Question Corner

Can Power Outlet Listed for Temporary Location be used in Permanent One?

by Underwriters Laboratories

Can a power outlet Listed as suitable for use as temporary service equipment be used as service equipment in a permanent installation for other than a temporary wiring installation? Read more

UL Question Corner

Power Pedestals Listings for Various Locations

by Underwriters Laboratories

Question: Power Pedestals Listings for Various Locations What is the difference between power pedestals Listed for RV parks, mobile homes, temporary sites, marinas, etc.? Are they Listed under different product categories? Read more

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