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November-December 2013
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November-December 2013 CoverNovember-December 2013










Holiday Lighting Requirements and the NEC

by Joseph Wages, Jr.

Holiday lighting has existed for centuries. Early lighting consisted of bringing in an evergreen tree and adorning it with candles. With the development and use of electricity came the desire to make things safer. Out went the unsafe candles and in came the strands of holiday lighting. Read more

Perspectives on PV

Supply-Side PV Connections: A Closer Look

by John Wiles

Plan reviewers and inspectors throughout the country are seeing increasing numbers of supply-side connected utility interactive photovoltaic (PV) power systems [705.12(A)]. This article will examine some of the reasons for those increasing numbers of supply-side or utility-side connected systems. It will address the code requirements applicable to these systems and it will look at some of the implementations of these systems and areas in the installation that should receive additional attention. The article references NEC-2011. Read more

Make Safety a Tradition


The fifteen days from December 22 through January 5 are the most dangerous of the year in terms of home Christmas tree structure fires. Here is a toolkit of holiday safety tips to help counteract these statistics in local communities. A summary of these tips follow. Read more

Tamper-Resistant Receptacles

by Thomas A. Domitrovich

Tamper-resistant receptacles work every day to protect our future — those little bundles of joy who at times become intrigued by those tiny slots in walls that seem to demand the insertion of just about any other object that may seem to fit. TRRs are a direct response to statistics of children who tried to do just that and ended up in the hospital. Read more

Energy Storage Systems

by David Conover

Energy storage has been in use for centuries, as evidenced by dams and the use of the stored water to drive mechanical devices associated with grain milling. Energy storage provides the ability to balance the energy capabilities and resultant outputs of variable energy sources with the needed energy inputs of differing and variable loads. Read more

What Do New Investors Really Need to Know?

by Jesse Abercrombie

If you are starting out as an investor, you might be feeling overwhelmed. After all, it seems like there is just so much to know. How can you get enough of a handle on basic investment concepts so thatyou are comfortable in making well-informed choices? Read more

Article 310, Conductors for General Wiring

by Randy Hunter

We have finally reached the portion of the code that deals with conductors. Conductors are used on every electrical installation, so naturally we have a variety of installation conditions and a wide range of applications. Again, keeping to the scope of work for combination inspections, I will discuss only the most common installations that may be experienced by a fellow combination inspector. Read more

Why are you an IAEI member?

by Steve Douglas

In my second year as a wiring inspector, I was introduced to IAEI; the year was 1991 and the event was the Canadian Section meeting held in Kingston, Ontario. I was able to meet inspectors from all over Ontario, Canada, and the United States. The training offered by leading experts was second to none, and the social programs for both the delegates and partners were very impressive. My thought was…… WOW, I need to be a part of this! I left the meeting with an idea of what I thought IAEI was. It was not until years later and after being involved in codes and standards development that I got a better appreciation of the important role IAEI plays in the electrical safety infrastructure for both our great nations. Read more

The Inspector Perspective

by Pete Jackson

We all have a unique perspective based upon our life experience. No two people have lived the same life and, therefore, do not have the same perspective. Your perspective is what sets you apart from all others and will define the value you add to the industry. Our knowledge, both technical and code, gained through formal education, work experience, and training is extremely valuable; but there is more: there is the human element. Your perspective is shaped by life experiences beyond the technical. Read more

Use of the Codes and Standards in electrical design and installations

by Ark Tsisserev, P. Eng.

No, really: what codes and standards must be used for the electrical design and installation and why? This is not a trivial question, as it deals with consistency, uniformity and, most important, with the safety of electrical installations. Read more

Exceptions into Excellence

by Steve Foran

You must have very clear rules that apply to procedures related to safety. For example, at our electric utility there was a policy governing when customers requested power turned on (which we did at the meter) that they must be home at the time power is connected. No exceptions. The spirit behind this policy was to prevent an accident such as a fire caused by a box left on an electric stovetop that had an element turned "on” and inadvertently left "on” when the premises were without power. Read more

Working Safely with Electricity...for the Electrical Inspector?

by Michael L. Savage, Sr.

Not too many years ago, I was conversing with a friend of mine, who is also an electrical inspector, about which codes and standards apply to electrical inspectors and, for that matter, any construction inspector during the course of their appointed duties. During our rather lively discussion, he mentioned that his supervisor, who is a building code administrator, believed electrical inspectors were liberated from having to comply with NFPA 70E. One can speculate about the reasons, although many of us can surely see the potential budget expenses of getting all the inspectors on one’s staff certified to inspect equipment "hot.” My friend and I ended our conversation with my promising to commit a future article to these ponderings…. I guess it is never too late! Read more



Staying Relevant

by David Clements

So what have we been doing to stay relevant as a member association and to make sure we are meeting our members’ needs? Read more

UL Question Corner

Does UL Certify Air Compressors?

by Underwriters Laboratories

Yes, UL certifies (Lists) air compressors under the product category Compressors, Vacuum Pumps and Pneumatic Paint Sprayers (QDGS), located on page 330 in the 2013 UL White Book. By accessing UL’s Online Certifications Directory at and entering QDGS at the category code search field, you can access the nearly 60 manufacturers that have certification under this category. Read more


IAEI Activities | Minutes

Download the Chapter and Division minutes from the IAEI November/December 2013 issue. Read more

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