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Seminar Support & FAQs
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Director of Education, Code & Standards
L. Keith Lofland
972-235-1455, extension 36

Education, Codes, and Standards Coordinator
Joseph Wages
972-235-1455, extension 37

Administrative Professional, Seminar & Education
Barbara Eastwood
972-235-1455, extension 27

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any seminars scheduled in my area?

You may view the Seminar Dates page for a complete list of what is scheduled at this time by the international office. Seminars are continuously added throughout the year. You can also learn if there is a scheduled seminar in your area by going looking at your local chapter or division page.

How can I register for a seminar?

If you are with a city, state, or government agency, you may use a purchase order; you can fax the registration form with a purchase order to 972-235-3855. Individuals and companies will need to send a check with your registration form or provide credit card information.You can also fax the registration form with a credit card to 972-235-3855.

What if I do not want to provide my credit card information when I fax my registration form?

You may fax the registration form and provide a phone number for someone to call for the credit card information.

Will continuing education units (CEUs) be issued for attending the seminar?

The international office seminars are eligible for CEUs and most states recognize the credits that are issued. IAEI is a member of the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The states listed below may or may not be applicable toward the license that you hold:

Alaska | Minnesota | Pennsylvania | California | Montana | Rhode Island | Connecticut | Nebraska | South Carolina | Delaware | New Hampshire | South Dakota | Florida | New Jersey | Tennessee | Georgia | New Mexico | Texas | Hawaii | New York | Utah | Idaho | North Carolina | Vermont | Louisiana | North Dakota | Washington | Maine | Ohio | Wisconsin | Massachusetts | Oklahoma | Wyoming | Michigan | Oregon

Does IAEI submit its programs for state approval for license renewals?

Yes. Each program is submitted for approval depending on each state’s requirements and criteria.

Will the roster be submitted to the state for my license renewal?

Yes. IAEI submits the roster to state agency as applicable.

How do I get CEUs?

You may attend an international office seminar or an approved (IAEI sponsored) section/chapter/division program.

Do I get CEUs when I attend a section/chapter/division program?

Yes, when the program has been submitted to the international office’s education department for entry into the database. The sponsoring group is responsible for sending following up rosters to the IO.

Do I have to provide my social security number on seminar registration forms or on the seminar sign-in rosters?

Yes, to identify your record in the IAEI database. If you do not want to give the whole number, you may provide the last four digits. Example: XXX-XX-1234. This serves as a unique identifier for each individual receiving CEUs so that the continuing education is recorded under the appropriate individual. This information is held in strict confidence and is not released to the public.

Can I provide a license number instead of a social security number?

Yes. You may provide an electrical journeyman, master, contractor, or anything that may be assigned by a state electrical agency.

Will my continuing education credits be accepted for my certification renewal?

Yes, if the international office Education Department has received a CEU request form from the secretary or education committee chairperson. The information (event roster) must be returned to the IO Education Department so that it can be applied to the member’s record.

Do you offer group rates for seminars?

Group rates are applicable in extenuating circumstances. You will need to contact the international office for details.

What different types of seminars formats does IAEI offer?

IAEI offers three different types of seminars to offer educational opportunities to our members and others in the electrical industry.

(1) International Office (IO) Seminars

These are seminars conducted by the international office of IAEI held in key cities across the country and at the international headquarters of IAEI in Richardson, TX, part of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. These seminars are open to anyone with registrations handled by the international office.

(2) Cooperative (Co-Op) Seminars

These are seminars held by the local IAEI chapters or divisions in conjunction with the IO to offer seminars to industry professionals in their local areas. The instructor is provided by the IO with the meeting facilities and registrations taken care of by the local IAEI chapter or division.

(3) On-Site Seminars

These are seminars held at a client’s facility. On-site seminars provide training at the convenience of the client, whether within regular business hours or on scheduled shifts. These types of seminars are usually the most cost-effective way for meeting the client’s educational goals as organizations save a significant amount in reduced travel expenses and lost productive time. IAEI provides an IAEI national instructor to travel to the client’s facility on the date and time of the client’s choosing. The client handles any and all meeting facilities and registrations that might be associated with the on-site seminar.

Does IAEI offer different seminar topics?

Yes, IAEI offers over twenty different topics for electrical education and training. The three staples offered by IAEI are the Soares Grounding and Bonding seminar, Analysis of Changes seminar, and the One- and Two-Family Dwelling Electrical Systems seminar. You can view all the topics and a brief synopsis of each at the IAEI website.

What is the price structure for an IAEI seminar?

Prices would depend on the type of seminar you are interested in. For an IO seminar, check the IAEI website for registration prices. For co-op seminars, IAEI has made these types of seminars very attractive and affordable at significantly reduced prices to encourage an educational partnership between the IO and the IAEI chapters and divisions. For on-site seminars, prices are based on an individual bases dependent upon variables such as the type of organizational involvement with IAEI, location, length of seminar, etc. Interested parties should contact the education department for a specific quote for an on-site seminar.

Can an IAEI chapter or division have a technical representative from the international office participate (present) at our chapter or division meetings?

Yes. The first step in getting IO representation at your chapter or division meeting is to send an invitation to the IAEI Executive Director (David Clements). Work loads at the IO and monetary reasons dictate that IO technical staff cannot attend all IAEI chapter and division meetings. However, with enough lead-time and as schedules permit, IO technical staff does attend as many IAEI chapter and division meetings as possible per year. The frequency of IO representation at past IAEI chapter or division meetings and financial assistance for travel and/or hotel expenses from the IAEI chapter or division play into the attendance decision as well.

Can I get a technical code question answered by IAEI?

Yes. IAEI strongly encourages those with code questions to use the IAEI "Focus on the Code” process and submit those questions to IAEI and address them as "Focus on the Code.” IAEI technical staff is able to answer code questions on a limited basis only. Keep in mind that when you get a technical "answer” from an IAEI technical staff person, that is not an official IAEI interpretation or position of the IAEI. It is simply an opinion from the technical staff. Even though this is not a main function of IO staff, the IAEI Education Department technical staff does try to answer as many technical questions as the IO workload will allow. Official NEC interpretations need to be addressed by NFPA.