This section is designed to be an operation and development resource for local committee members. These documents, templates and tools include: membership applications, change of address and event planning information; logo request forms and trademark usage guide; and meeting planning guides.

In the Resource Library below, you will find documents such as the Operations and Development Manual, Bylaws, Forms, and other instructions. To the left of it, you will find information about each section.

Operations and Development Manual

The Secretaries Manual, Membership Chair Manual and the Education Committee Chair Guidelines have been combined to provide a single source for users. This includes guidelines for responsibilities; procedures; reports; awards; audits; meeting planning, advertising and minutes; program planning; seminar scheduling, rosters, and teaching; continuing education units; recertification; products and purchasing; use of logos and trademarks.


Form Locations
Product Order Forms
Product Order Form for Sections, Chapters and Divisions (p. 121)

Online Membership List Access Form (p. 94)
Officer List Form(p. 95)
Bylaws Proposed Amendment Form (p. 96)
Petition for New Chapter (p. 97)
Model Chapter Bylaws(p. 99)
Petition for Chapter Dissolution (p. 105)
Petition for New Division (p. 108)
Model Division Bylaws(p. 100)
Petition for Division Dissolution(p. 115)
Financial Reporting
Statement of Financial Condition (Profit/Loss Statement) (p. 118)
Audit Report Form(p. 119)

IAEI Award Nomination Form (p. 121)

Continuing Education 
CEU Program Application (p. 122)
Seminar Sign-in Roster(p. 123)

Do You Have a Code Question? Form (p. 123)

Direct (Monthly) Payment Form (p. 126)
Request for Reclassification as IAEI Inspector Member (p. 127)
Request for Reclassification as IAEI Senior Associate Member (p. 128)

Trade Show Exhibitor 
Display Contract (p. 129)



Resource Tools

These documents, templates and tools are available to aid in developing membership and educational activities: (1) online forms include items such as membership applications, change of address and event planning information; (2) logo request forms and trademark usage guide; (3) committee forums for membership and education committees; and (4) meeting planning guide that includes items such as; sample meeting agendas and budgets.


Policy Documents

IAEI policy documents include: Bylaws; Articles of Incorporation; Operating Rules; IAEI Policy on Conflict of Interest as Related to IAEI Representatives to Technical Committees; and Policy on Taking Public Positions.



Forms such as product order forms, administrative, financial, awards, continuing education, and membership forms can be can be found in the IAEI Operations and Development Manual located in the Resource Manager. Additional forms, such as seminar registration forms, can also be found in the resource manager.



Educational Training Toolbox

The IAEI Educational Training Toolbox contains short training programs for chapter and division meetings. Access is available to secretaries, membership and education committees. Purpose of programs — Conduct educational training as an added value to our members, chapters and divisions, and to promote and retain membership. Secretaries, membership chairs, and education chairs have permission to view the programs. Go to Toolbox

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