L. Keith Lofland is the director of education, codes and standards and serves as seminar specialist for IAEI. Prior to his position with the International office of IAEI, Keith spent sixteen years with the city of Garland serving as their chief Electrical Inspector. Keith served as chairman of the Texas Chapter in 1989. Keith is the former secretary/treasurer for the Texas Chapter where he served for ten years. Keith has taught seminars for IAEI since 2000.

Paul Dobrowsky has over 28 years of experience in electrical and occupational safety, machinery and equipment standards, electrical construction, maintenance, program and policy development, instructing, and over 15 years enforcing electrical codes and standards. He is a Licensed Master Electrician and IAEI Certified Electrical Inspector. He is actively involved with many organizations such as ASTM, EAR, FLBOA, IAEI, IEEE, NFPA, UL and their standards activities. Paul is the current Chair of NFPA’s electrical Section, Director of Technology for the Electrical Association of Rochester, a past President of IAEI’s Genesee Chapter and an experienced instructor. Paul is currently a principal member on CMP-5.

Donald R. Cook is the Chief Electrical Inspector for Shelby County, AL with 25 years’ experience as an electrical inspector. He is also an active instructor for IAEI. Donny represents IAEI and Chairs NEC CMP-17. He is past IAEI representative and Chairman of CMP-14 and CMP-10. He holds an Alabama Electrical Contractors License, an IBEW Journeyman Wireman classification, IAEI CEI and NCPCCI certifications as an electrical inspector and plans examiner, and multiple ICC inspector certifications. Donny was introduced to the electrical industry in 1974 at the Shelby County Vocational Center and worked since then as an electrician and electrical contractor prior to taking the first electrical inspector position when Shelby County started their Inspection Services in 1988. He serves on the IAEI Board of Directors, as the Southern Section Secretary, and the Central Alabama Division Secretary. Donny is a member of the UL Electrical Council and numerous Standards Technical Panels (STP’s) and participates in a number of NFPA activities. 

Mark R. Hilbert is the Chief Electrical Inspector for the State of New Hampshire, Bureau of Electrical Safety and Licensing, Office of the Fire Marshal and holds a master electrician license in two states. He is a certified electrical inspector by IAEI holding the one and two family dwelling, electrical general and plans review certifications. He is a past president of the Granite State Chapter and the Eastern Section and is the 4th Vice President on the International of Board of Directors representing the Eastern Section. He has served as the Granite State Chapter Education Chair for over 10 years. He has represented IAEI on NFPA 70 CMP- 4 and as is the principle member and chair of the NFPA 79 Committee, regarding the Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery. He is a National Electrical Code seminar instructor for IAEI and NFPA. In his position as a seminar instructor he has taught the National Electrical Code and promoted electrical safety nationally and internationally.

Robert A. McCullough spent 38 years as director of the Ocean County Construction Inspection Department in Ocean County, New Jersey. He currently represents the IAEI as chairman of NFPA 70 CMP-9 and is a past chairman of NFPA 70 CMP-19. Bob also serves as the IAEI representative on the NFPA 501, 501A, and 225 technical committees. He is currently the chairman of the board of governors for the National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors (NCPCCI) and has served on the Electrical Test Development Committee for that program since the 1987 code cycle. Bob was also the 2008 IAEI International President.

Bill McGovern is the Electrical Inspection Services Supervisor for the City of Plano, Texas. He represents IAEI as an alternate member on CMP-2 and also serves as Chairman on the ICC Electrical Exam Development. Bill also serves as a committee member on various NECA National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS). Bill served in the United States Marine Corps as an Aircraft Electrician, completed an electrical apprenticeship in the IBEW and holds a Master Electricians license in the State of Texas.

Lanny McMahill is a Field Evaluation Engineer for Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Prior to this he was the electrical inspections supervisor for the City of Phoenix. Lanny also worked many years as a journeyman electrician and supervisor and as an electrical code and theory class instructor. He was the ’04 IAEI International President and is a past president of the IAEI Southwestern Section and the Central Arizona Chapter. In addition, Lanny has been engaged in the ANSI USNC/IEC technical management committee, the UL electrical council and STP process, the NFPA electrical section and ICC’s terrorism resistant building committee. Lanny is a former IAEI representative and principal member of NFPA 70 CMP-1 and CMP-18.

Richard P. Owen recently retired after 25 years as the senior electrical inspector for the city of St. Paul, Minnesota and 40 years in the electrical industry. An IAEI instructor, Dick was the secretary-treasurer of the Minnesota Chapter IAEI for 18 years and is also past Western Section President and past IAEI International President. He is a member of the UL Electrical Council, an NFPA electrical section member, former chairman of CMP-3 and presently represents IAEI as a principal member of CMP-3, a principal member of NFPA 90 and alternate to the Chairman of the NEC Technical Correlating Committee.

James J. Rogers is currently the inspector of wires for the town of Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts and the owner/operator of Bay State Inspectional Agency. He is an active instructor for the IAEI and Local 103 of the IBEW. Jim currently represents IAEI as the principal member of CMP-4 and he also is a principal member of the NFPA 303 committee on boatyards and marinas. Jim is the Cape & Islands Chapter delegate to the Eastern Section.

J. Philip Simmons has been self-employed as Simmons Electrical Services from July 1999 to the present. He develops and provides training on electrical safety subjects, consults on complex electrical installations, performs plan review and develops books on electrical safety. Phil served IAEI as executive director from 1990 to 1995 and as education, codes and standards coordinator from 1995 through June 1999. He was IAEI International president in 1987 and also served as secretary-treasurer of the Puget Sound Chapter and Northwestern Section. He is a former member of NFPA Standards Council and NEC Technical Correlating Committee and past chair of NFPA Electrical Section. Phil is a member of NEC CMP-5 (grounding and bonding) former member of CMP-1 and 17, and past chairman of NEC CMP-19.

NFPA Instructors
  • John M. Caloggero, Principal Electrical Specialist
  • Joseph V. Sheehan, P.E., Senior Electrical Engineer
  • Jeffrey S. Sargent, Electrical Specialist
  • Mark W. Earley, P.E., Assistant Vice President, Engineering

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