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Article 400-Flexible Cords and Cables 0 S. Slonsky Question- An application has come up where a client would like to utilize Type W-Portable Power Cable for making the connection from a 4000A, NEMA 3R, busduct tap box to top oriented roof bushings on a 2800 KVA utility transformer. The busduct is feeding a new outdoor 4000A switchboard on a service upgrade for a manufacturing plant that has supervision and qualified personnel. In my opinion I don't believe this follows the intent of the code. Article 230.43 states that open wiring on insulators may be a wiring method used on services.  Article 400 is labeled as  flexible cords and cables and not wiring, wiring being in article 310. However, 400.8 does not specifically state that this wiring method can not be used for services. 400.7 does state that "flexible cords and cables shall be used for only the following:".... with #10 stating "Where specifically permitted elsewhere in the code." I can not find anywhere where flexible cord is specifically permitted.The contention is that in their opinion article 400.7 and 400.8 allows the use of flexible cords and cables for this application and that  Table 400.5 states that W is suitable for wet locations and is sunlight resistant.Does anyone have an opinion on this?
by S. Slonsky
Tuesday, April 01, 2014
2014 NEC 0 M. Jack There are some good changes this code cycle
by M. Jack
Thursday, October 10, 2013
Membership Drive 0 M. Jack We Need more members in the Mississippi IAEI chapter
by M. Jack
Thursday, October 10, 2013
GFCI Video 0 J. Tedesco GFCI Historical video
by J. Tedesco
Saturday, May 18, 2013
Article 680.10 0 A. Rogers Article 680.10 provides the Minimum Cover Depths for conduit related to swimming pool installation.  As noted, it specifies the conduit cover requirements for "underground wiring locations."  There has been considerable difference of opinion related to how those requirements apply to a pool installed on a podium deck or rooftop of a high rise.What is your opinion?  Do you believe that the new addition to the 2011 NEC stating that  "Nonmetallic raceways listed for direct burial under minimum of 102 mm(4 in.) thick concrete exterior slab and extending not less that 162mm (6 in.) beyond the underground installation" is sufficient basis to allow raceways not related to the pool equipment to be run under the pool shell, within the deck of a rooftop or podium?
by A. Rogers
Thursday, May 09, 2013