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Rick D'Amato, IAEI Paul Revere Chapter Secretary and Membership Chair and 
Member since 1984.

What IAEI benefit(s) or member(s) attracted you to becoming a member and why?

Veteran members encouraged me to join. They indicated that being a member would benefit my electrical business in the years ahead.


How has being a member of IAEI helped you in your career?

Education ,networking with manufacturers, and the wealth of knowledge you are exposed to at the monthly meetings and the section meetings from all the IAEI forefathers and senior members.


Describe IAEI in one word. Why did you select that word for IAEI?

Priceless. My being in the electrical business has benefited tremendously over the years. The experts that I have met over the years has been an asset for the growth of my business as well as the education we get from being a member.


What are three reasons why someone should join IAEI?

Education. You can never learn enough. Networking with electrical inspectors helps your business grow throughout the cities and towns that you frequent in the field. Ability to contact manufacturers and other expert or veteran members when you need information.


What is something you would tell someone who is young in their career?

Join IAEI. It is good medicine for your future as an electrician.


What three accomplishments, personal and/or professional are you most proud of?

  1. Becoming a Master Electrician.
  2. Being able to provide for my family.
  3. Maintaining a good reputation in the electrical industry throughout my career.


Tell us about your work in the electrical industry.

I enjoyed having the respect of my customers over the years. All phases of electrical contracting whether it has involved work inside outside hot or cold, wet or dry… I set out to start ,work through and finish every job I do. I remember to remind anyone working with me that safety is first. Work safe.

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