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EATON - San Diego Sales Office
4863 Shawline Street, Suite E

San Diego, CA  92111
(916) 849-9803

(Across from Wal-Mart, park and enter at West side of the building)



Lunch is at NOON.
Program starts at 12:30 to 2:30 p.m.


If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP to Fred Paul at

Lunch is $ 15.00 per person. Correct change is appreciate – check or cash only)

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September 14, 2017  (Lunch:  Greek Buffet)

Education Presentation:  2016 California Energy Code (CEnC) Title 24 Part 6 regarding Power Distribution for Dwellings

Industry studies and trends show that green building construction continues as a major trend across the facility landscape for the foreseeable future.  It is important to understand how these requirements are being implemented in Residential and Non-Residential projects in California.

1)    Current code requirements and latest changes of 2016 CEnC. 

2)    In depth 2016 CEnC review and development of a systematic approach to understanding lighting control system design, installation, testing, and inspection.

3)    Explore compliance forms & related documents to understand their purpose & how to use them to ensure energy code compliant system specification, design, installation, & commissioning

Presenter:  John Busch, LEVITON Controls & Automation

John Busch has held a variety of positions over his 30-year career including: electrical designer, design build estimator, project manager and field applications engineer that have shaped his skills to evaluate electrical design challenges with a solutions-oriented perspective. He currently serves as the Regional Sales Manager – Southwest, for the Energy Management Controls and Automation Group of Leviton Manufacturing.  John also teaches classes on the California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards, lighting controls, the Big 3 Energy Codes, measurement and verification metering or successful power management and other energy management related topics.

October 12, 2017  (Lunch:  Mexican Buffet)

Education Presentation:  Review of the 2017 IAEI Southwestern Sectional 

Presenters:  Mark Chrysler, City of San Diego;

                    Lee Edging, City of San Diego


Mark Chrysler has been a member of the IAEI since 1994. 

Currently, he is the Secretary for the Border County Division, President of the Southern California Chapter, and 1st Vice President for the Southwest Section of IAEI. 

Mark has taught “Introduction to Electrical Inspection” for the San Diego State University Inspection Certificate program and for the United States Navy’s quality verification Inspection Group. Mark also presents at the Border County and Southern California IAEI meetings.

Mark is currently a Senior Electrical/Fire Alarm Inspector for the City of San Diego with over 25 years of experience. 

His inspection experience specializes in fire alarm inspection and testing as well as electrical systems for multi-family, commercial, and industrial applications. 

Lastly, Mark has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Lee Edging is a Senior Combination Inspector for the City of San Diego where he has been employed for the past 16 years and an IAEI former President of the IAEI Border County Division. Before that was a general contractor for twenty years building homes primarily in the Point Loma area where he lives and has served the community as Little League coach, Scoutmaster of local Trop 500, and President of the Sunset Cliffs Surfing Association. Lee Graduated from Coronado High School and attended  College at San Diego State and National University where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

November 9, 2017  (Lunch:  Italian Buffet)

Education Presentation:  2016 CEC/2014 NEC & NEMA VE-2 Guidelines for Electrical Grounding Capacity of Cable Tray

Get up to date on the latest requirements.
Presenter:  Amelia Grattan, EATON B-Line Application Engineer

Amelia Grattan is an Application Engineer for Eaton B-Line and works with MEP professionals to drive optimal product solutions, train on new products and code requirements, and support field installations. Amelia’s product knowledge spans the B-Line product portfolio from cable tray to seismic bracing with experience in both commercial and industrial markets. With respect to cable tray, she works with engineers and contractors to optimize the cable tray load capacity and material selection for the project requirements, while minimizing the number of supports and total solution cost. Amelia joined the B-Line team in 2015, and has come up to speed quickly due to her prior experience as a Hydro-mechanical Design Engineer for an industrial turbine manufacturer, and as an Account Manager for a distributor supporting the utility industry. She is based in San Diego, CA and supports the southwestern territory for B-Line.

December, 14, 2017 (Lunch:  Roasted Chicken)


Education Presentation:  What You Should Know About LED Lighting Retrofit Kits

What constitutes a UL/NRTL Approved LED “Retrofit” Kit for Incandescent, Fluorescent and HID Lighting?
What does not?

Does retrofitting a luminaire “void” its listing?

Is a NRTL Field evaluation required for retrofitting?

Does the Local AHJ need to be notified when a luminaire is retrofitted?

Can the installer build their own retrofit using “off the shelf parts and pieces?

Where can you find Certified Retrofit kits?

Must the OEM of the luminaire be the manufacturer of the retrofit kit for it to be certified?

Can signs and refrigerated display cases be retrofitted.

Presenter:  Rich Berman, UL Sr. Regulatory Engineer

Rich Berman works for UL LLC as a Senior Regulatory Engineer for the past 39 years.

Rich has been a member of NEC CMP-8 for over 20 years and also serves on the Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 Committee.
He is a Registered Professional Engineer and has been a long time member of the IAEI Southern CA Chapter.

January 11, 2018  (Lunch:  Deli Sandwiches & Wraps)


Education Presentation:  ArcFault Receptacles & Circuit Breakers: Technologies and Application

What is the technology behind ArcFault protective devices?

What is the difference between “series” and “parallel” faults?

What does the term “Combination” device mean?

Do ArcFault protective devices have Ground Fault protection as well? To what level?

What is the difference in using Circuit Breakers versus Receptacles?

When do apply which technology?

How do apply that technology properly and comply with the 2016CEC/2014NEC?

Presenters:  Richard Mayday, EATON Wiring Devices

                    Fred Paul, EATON Application Engineer for San Diego & Orange Counties

Rick Mayday has been active in the Electrical Industry since 1986 in sales, marketing and field applications. Rick has a B.A. from Michigan State University, is a past President of the Electrical Manufacturers Association of Michigan, a member of the NFPA, IAEI and sits on the  on the Board of Directors for the Central Arizona Fire and Medical Authority

Fred Paul has been I the Electrical industry for over 40 years, with the last 20 years as a Senior Specialist-Application Engineering, with EATON. Fred is a member of IAEI, NFPA, and NEMA/CSRAC (EUSERC).

February 8, 2018  (Lunch:  Greek Buffet)

Education Presentation:  Energy Storage Systems [AB-2541 on Energy Storage] 

Learn about the new Lithium-Ion Energy Storage Systems and their integration with photovoltaic (PV) systems.

How are these products tested?

What standards apply?

What are the current related code development activities, and how to participate? 

How are these energy storage systems different from “old school” lead acid battery banks?

Information will be provided on the latest research, codes, and standards development.

Presenters:   Mike Stone, NEMA

                     John Taecker, UL


John Taecker has worked for UL for over 30 years. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and is a California Registered Professional Engineer in Safety Engineering. He serves on various building, mechanical, plumbing and electrical model code development committees, and actively participates in all levels of the code development process for ICC and IAPMO. He is a nationally recognized speaker on electrical, building, mechanical, and plumbing products and installations. He serves on the IAEI Southwestern Section Board of Directors, and is an Inspector Member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), and a Professional Member of the International Code Council (ICC) and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

Mike Stone is the NEMA West Coast Field Representative since August 2012. He is the alternate member representing NEMA on Code Making Panel 1 for the 2017 National Electrical Code. He also serves as Vice Chair of the Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical and Energy Code Advisory Committee for the CA Building Standards Commission. Prior to his tenure with NEMA, he worked for over 25 years in California building departments at the County of Monterey and the Cities of Monterey, Salinas and, most recently, as Building Official for the City of Watsonville. He holds seven ICC Certifications and is a Certified Access Specialist (CASp). He has taught code classes at several CA Community Colleges and has been an IBEW electrical apprenticeship instructor. Mike is a member of ICC, IAEI, IBEW and NFPA, and is a Certified General Electrician in the State of California.

March 8, 2018  (Lunch:  Mexican Buffet)

Education Presentation:  Elevators:  What Codes Apply and How is the Local AHJ Involved? 


Presenter:   TBD

April 12, 2018  (Lunch:  Italian Buffet)

Education Presentation:  Grounding & Bonding of Utility Service Entrance Equipment

This HIGHLY FOCUSED program will be on the Grounding and Bonding ONLY at the Service Equipment per Article 250.

What is the difference between “grounding” and “bonding”?

What is the purpose of each and how do you accomplish that goal per the 2016 CEC/2014 NEC?

What is a Neutral Disconnect link and when or why do you need it?

Can you have more than one?

Must it be accessible?

What is a Service or System Grounding link and when do you need it?

Can you have more than one?

Must it be accessible?

What is required when existing Service Entrance Equipment is fed from a new Service?

What modifications must be made and why?

Presenters:   Marc Chambers, City of San Diego

Marc Chambers is an electrical inspector for the City of San Diego.

He has worked in the electrical industry since 1984 in Oregon and California including 10 years as an industrial electrician and 3 years designing and installing solar systems.

Mark has been a member of the IAEI for over 22 years and currently serves as membership chair for the Border County Division.

He and his wife live in Vista, California.

May 10, 2018  (Lunch:  Roasted Chicken)

Education Presentation:  SDG&E Requirements for Alternative Energy “Net Generator Output Metering” (NGOM)

                                         for Residential, Commercial and Medium Voltage Applications (Section 800)

SDG&E will have various presenters - hosted by Tiffany Maycumber  to establish and help the audience understand when a NGOM is required for Low Voltage and Medium Voltage installations, where it shall be located, what equipment must be provided and is acceptable by the Utility, and how it shall meet the latest requirements of the 2016 CEC/2014 NEC. This presentation is a “MUST” for all those involved in stalling PV systems in Residential and Commercial applications.

Moderator/Presenter:   Tiffany Maycumber, SDG&E Engineering Service Standards

Tiffany Maycumber had been an employee of San Diego Gas & Electric since 1990.  She has been with the Service Standards Team for the past 9 years and as Team Lead for the past 3 years.  She is a member of IAEI, ICC, NECA and EUSERC.  Tiffany is an active Board Member of the Border County Division and Southern California Chapter of IAEI.

June 14, 2018  (Lunch:  Deli Sandwiches & Wraps)

Education Presentation:  NRTL Field Evaluations: Requirements, labels and listings.

Representatives from CSA, ETL, Nemko, QPS, TUV, UL moderated by Scott Humphrey)

Moderator/Presenter:  Scott Humphrey, City of Chula Vista Electrical Inspector

Scott is presently a combination building inspector for the City of Chula Vista performing all aspects of construction inspection. Scott has been involved in the renewable energy sector since 2004, certified as an electrician since 1986 and served four years in the US Army. Scott has an extensive background in reviewing and approving 3rd party field evaluations for unlisted, non-labeled, or uncertified electrical equipment. Scott possesses 18 ICC and/or IAEI certifications for building inspections, is a certified Journeyman Electrician in the states of California and Washington and a voting member on several UL STP projects. Scott is also GE Six Sigma certified.

July 12, 2018 - DARK  (Board Meeting Only)

August 9, 2018 DARK  (Board Meeting Only)

August 2018 – SPECIAL EVENT - Southern Section Meeting

IAEI Southwest Section Meeting – See You in Sparks, Nevada

September 13, 2018

Education Presentation:  Review of the 2018 IAEI Southwestern Sectional 

Presenters:   TBD

October 11, 2018

Education Presentation:  Medium Voltage Equipment Classifications & Standards

Presenters:   TBD

November 8, 2018

Education Presentation:  Medium Voltage Cables & Terminations

Presenters:   TBD – SME from Southwire Cable

                     TBD - Elastimold for Terminations

December 13, 2018


Education Presentation:  Medium Voltage Transformers

Definitions: Padmount, Secondary Unit Substation, etc….

Dry Type versus Oil Filled – When to use what type

Dry Types: VPI, VPE, Cast Coil, Epoxy Cast Resin

Oil Filled: Mineral Oil versus Biodegradable

Temperature Rise versus insulation rating

How are Multiple kVA Ratings achieved through Various Cooling methods and/or Temperature rise ratings

Presenters:   TBD – EATON Cooper SME

                     TBD – ABB SME

January 10, 2019


Education Presentation:  TBD

Presenters:  TBD

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