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Where will you be for the holidays?

We hope you have great plans for the holidays. The IAEI office staff will be "Out of Office" the week of Christmas until January 2nd, so call us before Dec. 21 to take care of 2018 tasks.

If you have any questions about IAEI, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for ways to better serve our members - YOU are important to us!

Office Hours
Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Central

Phone:  (800) 786-4234 or (972) 235-1455 (Main line)
Fax: (972) 235-6858
Email: Customer Service at

Mail: International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI) Headquarters
901 Waterfall Way, Suite 602
Richardson, TX 75080

Staff List


David Clements
phone: (972) 235-1455 x29

Accounting and Administration

Cathy Higgs
Office Manager
phone: (469) 587-7884

Jeffrey Phillips
Shipping and Warehouse Manager
phone: (469) 587-7900

L. Keith Lofland
Director of Education, Codes and Standards/ Technical Editor
phone: (469) 587-7898

Seminar Coordination
Joseph Wages
Technical Advisor, Education Codes and Standards/ Education, Codes, and Standards Coordinator
phone: (469) 587-7896

Certification & Seminar Registration
Debbie Wills
Administrator, Certification and Education
phone: (469) 587-7882

Kathryn Ingley
Director of Publishing
phone: (469) 587-7888

John Watson
Creative Director
phone: (806) 420-7455

Bryan Nyary
Publishing Manager
phone: (972) 235-1455 ext 33

Senée Seale
phone: (972) 235-1455 ext 27

Jonnie Vallar
Director of Membership Development and Services
phone: (469) 587-7880

Lisa Bascom
Marketing Manager
phone: (469) 587-7892

Heather Hollinsworth
Membership Coordinator 
phone: (469) 587-7906

Linda Probeck
Customer Service Representative
phone: (972) 235-1455 x0

Amber Pena
Customer Service Representative

phone: (469) 587-7902