Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

As a qualified electrical professional, you have the ability and knowledge to power an entire city. But with that power comes a greater responsibility to customer safety. People rely on you to install and inspect electrical installations that affect their daily lives — such as their homes, workplaces, and schools.That’s why staying current in the electrical industry and being involved in a professional organization of peers is an important responsibility that is vital to public safety. Knowing what to do and being actively involved can mean the difference between keeping someone safe from electrical accidents and causing potential fire and death due to improper installations. When you join IAEI, you receive exclusive benefits to thank you for your membership. You also enjoy the satisfaction of helping to support a broad range of IAEI initiatives that effect everyone who cares about electrical safety. [Thirty percent (30%) of dues are allocated to IAEI magazine.]

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"Wisdom. An active IAEI member will gain much of it (wisdom) by reading the information that is put out almost daily through the web, emails, magazine, etc.; by meeting and communicating with other members that are influential in the development of the NEC, I-codes and of standards; by having the names, contact information and relationships of other contractors, inspectors, utility representatives, electrical manufacturers, etc. and being able to discuss issues with them to help with decision making."
      Dale Hamilton, IAEI River Region Secretary and Membership Chair. Member since 1998



Along with being part of a community of electrical professionals, your member benefits include:

  • IAEI Member Discount: You receive a 10% discount on all products in the IAEI store; and on all IAEI education and training seminars.
  • Free NEC code book:  After three consecutive renewals you are eligible to receive a free National Electrical Code (NEC) book. ($95 Value) 
  • IAEI Magazine: Six times a year you receive IAEI magazine, which includes technical articles on reusable energy sources, new code requirements, electrical standards, and elimination of counterfeit products from the marketplace. ($90 Value)
  • IAEI Network Building Opportunities: With 137 chapters nationwide, your membership allows you access to a wealth of knowledge through chapter meetings, conferences, and networking events.
  • IAEI Professional Development: IAEI educational programs are the most effective way to stay current in today’s ever-changing industry and throughout your career. Continue your professional development and achieve continuing education (CEUs) through conferences, regional seminars and chapter meetings – helping you make connections that benefit your career.
  • Code Development: As an IAEI member, you have the opportunity to participate in the code development process by submitting or commenting on public inputs and code proposals.
  • Advocacy: Dedicated to promoting electrical safety, IAEI regularly participates in the Code development process and advocates electrical safety by serving on numerous code panels.

Which type of membership is right for you? [More Information]

Associate Membership

Associate membership is perfect for non-inspector professionals and vendors. Receive the same discounts as regular membership on events and store products as well as special networking and exhibit opportunities.

Inspectotr Member

Inspector Membership

Members enjoy many benefits including professional networking opportunities, our monthly industry magazine, discounts on events and in the shop and up-to-date information on industry news.

Student Member

Student Membership

Deeply-discounted student membership is offered to anyone currently attending a two or four year college or university. Mentoring at local and section meetings enrich the experience for young pre-professionals.


Find a local section, chapter, or division in your area. IAEI meetings allow electrical inspectors, electricians, and other electrical industry professionals to network and discuss issues related to electrical safety



If you have any questions about IAEI, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for ways to better serve our members.