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Membership Benefits

As a member of IAEI, you are part of a community of electrical professionals, which allows you access to a wealth of knowledge formally and informally through section, chapter, and division meetings and conferences. You will learn from the IAEI magazine and weekly email newsletters, from IAEI publications and seminars, and from one-on-one answers to your questions by an IAEI electrical code expert. In addition, members receive discounts on IAEI education and products, career support through access to electrical CEU seminars and certifications, the IAEI job board, and leadership opportunities. Your membership improves public safety through on-the-job use of your improved Code knowledge and your participation in the electrical code development process. Group members receive additional benefits.

Benefits for Individual Members

All IAEI individual members share the core benefits of belonging to IAEI, with a few notable differences. 
  • Member Discount: A 10% discount on products in the IAEI store and on most IAEI education and training seminars (20% for Premier Professionals)
  • IAEI Magazine: The bi-monthly IAEI magazine, which includes technical articles written by experts in the field (digital-only for Students and Young Professionals) (Print: $90 Value)
  • One-on-One Technical Advice: A response to your code-related questions by an IAEI code expert
  • IAEI Weekly Update: A weekly industry update on that week's interesting electrical, solar, wind & storage stories in the news. Subscription is not restricted to members. Subscribe
  • Member Recognition: Use of the IAEI Member logo on your business cards, email signature, web page or promotional items
  • IAEI Network Building Opportunities through Chapter & Division Membership: Local meetings and conferences allows you to access a wealth of local knowledge through meetings and seminars Find a chapter
  • IAEI Professional Development: IAEI electrical education programs with continuing education credits (CEUs) at local, regional, on-line, and on-site seminars, many with a member discount; Career Center job postings; association participation and leadership opportunities
  • Code Development Opportunities: The opportunity to participate in the code development process through IAEI by submitting or commenting on public inputs and code proposals to be represented by IAEI
  • Advocacy: Opportunity to help with IAEI initiatives for public safety through Code inputs, Code compliance, and public education in electrical safety
  • Additional Benefits for Premier Members: Complimentary registration for two IAEI Education Webinars, a complimentary IAEI digital publication (up to $75 value), and early access to IAEI new publications and sales

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Benefits for Group Members

IAEI Groups receive benefits at the group level. In addition, their registered employees receive full Individual member benefits per their membership category.
  • IAEI Partner recognition: Listing as an IAEI Partner on the iaei.org website, in the IAEI News magazine, and elsewhere as appropriate
  • On-Site Seminar Discount: A 10% discount on IAEI training seminars at a Group location
  • Discount on IAEI products: A 10% discount on publications and other products
  • Group-friendly employee memberships: Single invoicing and Group control of Professional employee memberships, with right to transfer during the membership year (some Premier Professional memberships for larger groups
  • One-on-One Technical Advice: A response to Group code-related questions by an IAEI code expert
  • IAEI Network Building Opportunities: Registered employee access to IAEI events, with IAEI member status across our 137 chapters
  • IAEI Professional Development: IAEI electrical education programs with continuing education credits (CEUs), available for all employees
  • Advocacy: Opportunity to help with IAEI initiatives for public safety and electrical code compliance through sponsorships

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IAEI Group Benefits flyer (PDF)