Join Today — Group Membership

Group Memberships

Corporate members of all types join under one of the Group Memberships. Group memberships are composed of quantity bundles of individual, transferrable memberships that belong to the group, with single billing and recognition for the group as a Partner in relevant IAEI marketing. Group Benefits flyer

The individual members in a Group receive full Professional member benefits, not limited to a Section. Larger group memberships include one or more Premier Professional memberships. Individual members who are part of a Group membership may send in their inspector form if qualified.

Inspection Agency Membership

An Inspection Agency is a municipal, county, state, provincial or federal government, or private inspection agency, which makes inspections of electrical materials, devices, appliances or installations, for the purpose of preventing injury to persons or damage to property, and is interested in participating in attaining the objectives of IAEI. The Inspection Agency individual member must be principally engaged in electrical inspection for the inspection agency, must send in their inspector form, and receives full Professional member benefits.

A Group which is particularly interest in supporting the objectives of IAEI beyond a Group Membership may become a Sponsor through a combination of Group membership and advertising or similar participation. Please contact Jonnie Vallar by email or call (469) 587-7880 for details. 



Find a local section, chapter, or division in your area. IAEI meetings allow electrical inspectors, electricians, and other electrical industry professionals to network and discuss issues related to electrical safety



If you have any questions about IAEI, please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for ways to better serve our members.