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Great place for CE, not to mention connecting with thoughtful colleagues
IAEI Facebook recommendation by David Eli Shapiro - December 28, 2018

Professional Membership

Professional membership is open to all participants in the electrical industry, including electrical inspectors, electricians, contractors, standards bodies, vendors and manufacturers, testing agencies, and others who are actively involved in supporting electrical safety through code compliance. Organizations may prefer a group membership. As of June 4, 2018, the Professional Membership takes the place of both the previous Inspector and Associate membership categories. New members who are inspectors may apply online and then also send in their Inspector form; the PDF application form includes this information.  Membership benefits vary per membership type: Benefits web page and Benefits flyer (PDF).  

  • Professional Member, our primary membership level, annual fee $120 - Join online Professional
  • Professional Member, three-year fee $336 - Join online 3-yr
  • Professional Member, paid monthly - use the PDF application form and payment authorization form
  • Premier Professional Member, our top membership level with additional benefits, annual fee $200 - Join online Premier
  • Senior Professional Member (modified benefits), available for ages 65 and over, with 10 years continuous membership, annual fee $105 -  - Join online Senior Prof. 
  • Young Professional Member (modified benefits), available for ages 35 and under, annual fee $100 - - Join online Young Prof.  

Student Membership

Student membership is open to those who are are currently enrolled in an approved college, university, vocational technical school or trade school specializing in electrical training or approved electrical apprenticeship school. Student members make job connections and learn from the best! New student members must send in a student verification form in addition to joining. Member benefits vary between the one-year and three-year membership types.

  • Student Member, see benefits, annual fee $75 - Join online Student
  • Student Member, three-year, see benefits, includes a free electronic IAEI publication on joining, fee $225 - Join online Student 3-yr
  • Student Member, paid monthly - see benefits, use the 1) PDF membership application form, 2) payment authorization form, and 3) student verification form


Mailing Instructions
Mail completed forms with payment in $U.S. Dollars. Make checks payable to: International Association of Electrical Inspectors.
Mailing address: Attn: Membership Dept., IAEI, PO Box 830848, Richardson, TX 75083-0848.