Join Today — Individual Membership

Join online by selecting one of the links below in the individual categories or download our handy membership application. Member benefits vary per membership category.

Professional Membership
Professional membership is open to all participants in the electrical industry, including electrical inspectors, electricians, contractors, standards bodies, vendors and manufacturers, testing agencies, and others who are actively involved in supporting electrical safety through code compliance. Member benefits vary per membership category.

As of the week of June 4, 2018, the Professional Membership takes the place of both the previous Inspector and Associate membership categories. New members who are inspectors may apply online and then also send in their electrical inspector form, or simply apply with the PDF application form. 

Student Membership
Student membership is open to those who are are currently enrolled in an approved college, university, vocational technical school or trade school specializing in electrical training or approved electrical apprenticeship school. All new student members must send in a student verification form in addition to their application. Member benefits vary per membership category.