Certification Programs

Electrical safety is driven largely by an increasingly sophisticated understanding of what causes risks. The National Electrical Code reflects that evolving knowledge and accommodates new products and new technologies, but it is unavoidably lengthy and complex, and many of the hazards it is designed to eliminate are not obvious, even to experienced electricians. Moreover, electrical installations are often performed by people who lack sufficient understanding of safe practices and legal requirements, and are done in jurisdictions with few limits on who is permitted to install these systems. It’s no wonder that electrical inspectors have been finding an increasing number of violations. Certification examinations provide a basis for assessing competency in technical code knowledge. Choose which examination best suits your needs today!

National Certification Program for Construction Code Inspectors (NCPCCI)

IAEI's The Construction Code Inspectors Certification Examinations (2A, 2B, and 2C) have been developed by national code enforcement organizations in collaboration with Prometric. These code enforcement organizations have joined together to establish a testing program that will provide nationally recognized evidence of competence and professionalism in construction code knowledge.

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Certified Electrical Inspector (Residential and Master)

IAEI has undertaken the responsibility for designing valid and reliable Residential and Master Electrical Inspector Certification Programs. The goals of this certification course include: professionalism, a fair and accessible process, proficiency in Code usage, continuous learning, and evidence of competence. 

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Canadian Certified Electrical Inspector (CCEI)

The major objectives of the Canadian Certified Electrical Program are: To certify to a national standard all persons regularly engaged in the inspection of or the technical supervision of inspectors of electrical materials, devices, appliances, installations or investigations. To ensure all persons so engaged receive updated training in order to maintain their quality of skill. 

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Online Training

IAEI has partnered with two online course providers to provide professional development courses that were created for electrical professionals to be accessed at their convenience. You can meet your CEU requirements through the IAEI/Pace web site. 

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IAEI is an accredited CEU provider.