Canadian Certified Electrical Inspector (CCEI)

The IAEI International Office is responsible for receiving applications, marking the exams, arranging proctors, and working with the Canadian Certification Committee. Certification categories include Electrical Installation and Electrical Product Approval. The major objectives of the CCEI program are:
  • To certify a national standard for all persons regularly engaged in the inspection of, or the technical supervision of inspectors of, electrical materials, devices, appliances, installations or investigations.
  • To ensure all persons so engaged receive updated training in order to maintain their quality of skill.

IAEI Professional members who are Inspectors, interested in writing an exam, must complete the CCEI application and submit the required fees. In addition to being an IAEI member, applicants must meet other general, experience, and training requirements. 

Request application details via email at or call the IAEI Certification division at 1-800-786-4234 during business hours.

Note: All CCEI Certificate holders are eligible to renew certification(s). Certification renewal letters were mailed to certificate holders along with renewal forms. Those members previously certified who did not receive a renewal letter, may renew by providing documentation of certification. Contact as above to request information to complete this process.

Certification Categories

  • Electrical Installations: Must have in-depth knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code and amendments.  Must be familiar with standard Canadian wiring practices
  • Product Approvals: Approve and accept the electrical products on behalf of an authority having jurisdiction or testing laboratory accredited by the Standards Council of Canada

Acceptance Criteria


1.1 Applicant must be an IAEI inspector member in good standing as specified in the IAEI Articles of Incorporation.
1.1.1 Certification expires if IAEI membership lapses.
1.2 Applicant shall abide by all certification program policies and procedures adopted by the IAEI Canadian Section.
1.3 Applicant must be gainfully employed in the related category of certification.
1.4 Applicant must be deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners.


2.1 Applicant must have a minimum of a secondary school graduation diploma or equivalent.
2.2 Additional accreditation with a university or community college.
2.3 Other relevant schooling that is deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners.


3.1 Applicant must show proof of training in the relative category. This may include any of the following:
3.1.1 Course of study in the Canadian Electrical Code.
3.1.2 Certificate of apprenticeship in specified field.
3.1.3 Certificate of qualification in specified field.
3.1.4 C.E.T. in specified field.
3.1.5 P. Eng. in specified field.


4.1 Applicant must show present and past employment history in related category.
4.1.1 Applicant must have extensive experience in the categories applied for certification.
4.2 Applicant must be prepared to demonstrate acquired skill in effective verbal and written communications.
4.3 Applicant must have a working knowledge of the local regulatory authority having jurisdiction to enforce the Canadian Electrical Code requirements.


The application, fees, required documentation and other information can be found on the IAEI website. You may request information via email at You can also call the IAEI Certification division at 1-800-786-iaei (4234) for personal service. When submitting CCEI applications, be sure to include the $125 examination fee for each exam category requested. Individuals must complete the Canadian CEI application and submit it along with the appropriate fees to:

Canadian CEI Program
PO Box 830848
Richardson TX 75083-0848

The Board of Examiners will review all applications. Upon the receipt of a qualified application for certification and all necessary supporting documentation and fees, the applicant will be scheduled to write examination(s) in the approved certification categories. Effort will be made to arrange for the examination to be written as near as feasible to the applicant’s location.

The Exam

Exams are each uniquely composed of questions of equal difficulty, chosen at random by computer. All exams are three (3) hours in duration. The minimum pass score is 75%. Applicants are required to supply their own copy of the current Canadian Electrical Code Part 1 (CSA C22.1). Applicants writing the product approvals category exam are also required to supply their own copy of CSA Special Publication 2009 SPE-1000. Upon successful completion of the necessary examination(s), an applicant will be issued a Canadian Certified Electrical Inspector certificate suitable for framing and a pocket card showing the certification expiration date. Certified Electrical Inspectors are entitled to add the initials "C.E.I.” after their name on business cards and letters. Re-examination is available at an additional cost of $125 per attempt. To retake the exam, you must complete and submit the exam application along with the retake exam fee.

Re-certification Requirements

Certification is valid for three (3) years. In order to ensure continued professional development, all certified electrical inspectors are required to continue with a self-administered program of professional development. A renewal fee will be required and each certificate holder is responsible to provide supporting documentation of attendance at various technical and non-technical training sessions/seminars to accumulate a minimum of 22 hours of training including:

a) 18 Technical – e.g., code, fuse co-ord, hazardous locations, etc.        
b) 4 Non-technical – e.g., safety, first aid, communications skills, etc.

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