Certified Electrical Inspector (CEI) Certification Program

The mission of the certification program is to promote professionalism within the electrical inspector field-of-practice through a widely accepted, respected and professionally sound certification. Two certifications are offered: Residential and Master.

Program features

Certification by one of the most recognized international organizations in the electrical inspector industry. Examination content is job related, and is provided by practicing electrical inspectors. Computer-based examinations are available five days per week at over 120 sites geographically distributed across the United States. You can locate testing centers and take a sample computer-based test by visiting the test administrator's (Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc.) web site. Re-certification ensures that you maintain your currency and relevancy in the profession.

Who is eligible? 

Candidates for certification must have the following levels of education and/or experience. Note: It is recommended that the applicant be already employed as an electrical inspector in order to complete the Practicum Phase.
  • High school or GED
  • Completion of Registered Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program, or
  • Associate Degree in Electrical Construction Technology (or equivalent), or
  • Journeyman Electrician (or equivalent) or Master Electrician, or
  • BS in Electrical Engineering or PE in Electrical Engineering, or
  • 4,000 hours as an electrician, or
  • 2,000 hours as an electrical inspector

Eligibility requirements are the same as the Residential program with the exception of:
  • 8,000 hours as an electrician, or
  • 4,000 hours as an electrical inspector

It is possible for you to be considered for acceptance as a transfer from other recognized electrical inspector certification programs. For a transfer application, download the Applicant Handbook.

Other Certification Forms


Meet Your CEU Requirements Online

You can meet your CEU requirements through the IAEI/PACE online training website. Go there now, and get your hours quickly and easily.  Learn more

Recommended Materials

To study for the examination, we recommend the following materials for the Master and Residential Examination. These can be found in our IAEI Store.

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