Types of IAEI Seminars

International Office Seminars

Held in key cities across the country and at the international headquarters of IAEI in Richardson, TX, part of the Dallas Metroplex, these seminars are open to anyone interested in the electrical industry. Administrative provisions for an International Office seminar are conducted through the International Office.

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On-Site Seminars

Many organizations in the electrical industry have experienced exceptional results from the excellent materials and training provided from IAEI on-site seminars.

On-site seminars have many benefits. They provide training at your facility at a convenient time–whether within regular business hours or on scheduled shifts–and are usually the most cost-effective way of meeting education and training plans or goals. Organizations and private companies can save a significant amount in reduced travel expense and lost productive time with an on-site seminar.

Subjects from which you may choose include:

  • Analysis of the National Electrical Code
  • Grounding of Electrical Systems for Safety
  • One- and Two-Family Dwelling Electrical Systems
  • Custom seminars on any section of the National Electrical Code or specific electrical systems based on the current edition of the NEC

We will provide an expert presenter with years of experience in the code making, design, and inspection processes. In addition, we will provide all instructional materials, including any audio/visual equipment not provided by your organization.Where applicable, you will purchase a textbook for each attendee from us at a discount from the list price plus shipping.

Continuing Education Certificates (CEUs) will be awarded to those who complete the training. Administrative provisions for on-site seminars are typically provided by the on-site client. Should, however, you prefer the seminar to be off-site, we can provide any package, including hotel or conference locations, scheduling and meals.

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Cooperative (Co-Op) Seminars

IAEI section, chapters, and divisions can team up with the International Office under the cooperative seminar program to offer electrical training to the electrical industry professionals in their local areas. For a flat reduced rate, the International Office will provide an expert instructor with years of experience in the NEC code-making process and as an instructor. The International Office will provide the instructional material as well. Administrative provisions are handled through the IAEI section, chapter, or division. Several IAEI chapters and divisions have taken advantage of this co-op training with great results. For the chapter or division, a co-op seminar is an excellent way to increase both membership and education efforts at the local or division level.

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Self-Study Products

Review for your certification exams or just stay abreast of the most current electrical code research and technology from the convenience of your home or office with IAEI self-study tools. These publications are offered in several formats to meet your learning preference.

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